Sunday, June 15, 2014

Happy Father's Day!

Quite a few years ago my parents were putting in a new kitchen floor. This meant that everything from the kitchen was crammed into the dining room and living room which made things...interesting. It was an obstacle course of chairs and other bits just to make your way around the downstairs for a few days. As we were all sitting around the dining room table one day (as the kitchen has always been the center of our home and was just in the dining room at the moment) my dad was walking through carrying something when he stumbled. He developed his instantaneous "I'm angry" reaction that we all know too well--hair miraculously on end, face red, and crazed expression on his face--and bellowed "Who left their thong in the middle of the floor?!?!?!" My sisters and I got alarmed expressions on our faces, and looked at each other like "Uhhhhhhh whaaat?" We all craned our necks to see who left their intimate apparel on the dining room floor of all places. And that was the day we learned that my dad calls flip-flops thongs.

So Happy Father's Day, dad. You've had one expression that has burned itself into my brain like nothing else you've ever said, and I am finally thankful for that. "Did you draw a picture?" was the first question he'd ask when algebraic assistance was needed. I used to scoff...but no more. Even if I'm sewing something simple I have to sketch it out first to check my math. And when I figure out something complicated and strut around all proud of myself, my dad will ask "How'd you figure it out?" And I'll say "I drew a picture." And he'll say "Oh, now you want to draw pictures." Yes, I do. Some lessons just take a little longer to sink in. But I thank you for this particular one. I draw the line at clearing the shower drain, though. That's still all you.


  1. LOL!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!! Bethany that is so funny and you drew that cartoon? Wow another talent that you have! I love it.

  2. Haaa, he isn't the only one! I have more than one adult male relative who calls flip-flops thongs.

  3. The Aussies have that weird thong thing too, nutters ;o)

  4. SO funny! And SO much like here!!!
    xo Kris



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