Thursday, June 26, 2014

What's This Decision: Blocks 9 -12

Hola, mis amigos! You know what's hot? Hot glue. Oh, that's obvious, you say? They should not sell those guns to the general public. I feel that I, as well as society, would be safer if I had a real gun instead of a glue gun. At least I can commit the perfect crime with my left hand and never be found, as I do believe I have obliterated the prints. This is why I sew, folks.

Speaking of sewing (like that segue?) I've got four more blocks to share with you. They're pretty random this time.

My favorite subject in school was always history, and I questioned the American educational system when we always skipped the Wild West and the cowboys and Indians stuff and went straight on to other stuff that wasn't nearly so interesting. I had big plans of moving to Montana, living on a ranch, and getting married on horseback. Those youthful fancies have fled, but my love of history still goes strong. These fabrics are all made for each other--this one is my ode to the pony express in fabric form. True story: in sixth grade we had to give a speech on how to do something or how something works. Some kids made French toast, some made paper flowers. I explained how the pony express worked. Because that's how I roll :)

"Mortimer, do let's leave the noise of the city and take a drive to the countryside."
Fun fact: in the twenties it used to be a thing to graffiti all over your car with pictures and phrases that were popular at the time. Can you imagine doing that today? Watch 'Cheaper by the Dozen' (the original one with Clifton Webb) to see what I mean. And also because it's an adorable film.

As long as it's raining you might as well cuddle up under an umbrella and recite love poems to each other, amiright?

Measure twice, cut once. And press, press, press for a professional finish.

These seem like a lot of fun when I'm stitching them up, but incredibly mundane as I'm writing them out. Good thing I'll be looking at this quilt and not writing about it when all is said and done.

And as far as measuring twice goes--I think I could go so far as to say I'm a pretty good seamstress. I can work most things out and I've made enough mistakes to know what not to do. So if someone could explain to me how it took me three nights to shorten a pair of curtains, but half an hour to make a sunglasses case and some bias tape I'd love to know.


  1. I love the first block! And of course I can't resist a sewing block. =)

    1. And I totally hate hot glue. I think last time I used it was about 2 years ago and my fingers just aren't the same.

  2. Cannot wait yo see your quilt finished!!! Nancy



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