Wednesday, November 4, 2015


On my birthday I went to an official yarn shop (in the cutest little town that made me not mind the wrong turn I took as I got to see some of the sweetest houses ever). I had a few patterns for scarfy-shawly things I knew I wanted to make, so I was able to splurge a little while being conscientious (did that sound believable? Because I totally splurged).

The shop itself was not very large, and while they had a lot of brands there wasn't a lot of variety within those brands, so I couldn't walk right in and find a specific brand and type, but had to be a bit diligent in my hunt. The first thing I picked up was three skeins of 'Addiction' fingering weight yarn, an extra fine merino wool, in 'Peony,' a luscious hot pink.

This yarn felt delightful even as I was winding it into a ball. The pattern I had selected for it was the Hitchhiker. I'd be willing to bet that if  you follow anyone who even dabbles in knitting on Instagram or Facebook you've seen this before. It's easy mindless knitting, perfect for TV.

Sorry--I forgot about earlier sunsets so the pictures aren't fabulous.

This one started easily enough, and really seemed to move along. The only time you have to think of what you're doing is when you're making the sawtooth edge, which only goes up one side of the scarf.

The thin yarn combined with garter stitch makes this a lightweight yet nice and cozy project. It didn't get distorted or anything while I was working on it, so at the end I just steam-blocked the pointy parts. I used a purl bind off to keep the edge firm, but not tight. It's my new favorite bind-off.

Now all I need is for the weather to turn chilly so I can wear this. Seriously--it's the first week of November and we're pushing eighty degrees. Not cool. No pun intended.


  1. I really like it :-) Will you hitchhike with it? ;-)

  2. I love the sawtooth edge on this! You are making me want to knit scarves that I will never, ever wear. Hmm, maybe for gifts. =)



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