Sunday, November 8, 2015

Kind of a Picture Post

Last year around this time I was wearing my winter coat. On Friday it was almost eighty degrees. The leaves have been changing, but not in that vibrant way they usually do. I wonder if that has to do with them changing color later than usual. I want it to get cold soon, as you can't even tell Thanksgiving is a few weeks away (and I don't want it to get here while I'm still thinking it's September because then it will be Christmas and that's just too soon).

A couple weeks ago we had one of those weird moonrise-while-the-sun-was-still-out situations. 

In the summer this shady spot is covered in ivy. A-train always wants to go in this area, but I don't know if there's poison ivy so I tell him gnomes live back here and we don't want to squish them. I don't know if he'll believe it next year. Especially when we jump on these leaves to hear them crunch and he realizes I fibbed (he's quite smart). 

I never understood the obsession with raking leaves. I always thought they'd be a blanket for the trees in the cold weather. A few years ago I read an article saying not only is that true, but that the breakdown of the leaves serves to enrich the soil. 

The sun was fairly low in the sky already, and it was only about 2:30. Love it!! I am constantly being reminded how weird I am that I enjoy this time of year, especially for the "shorter" days, but I know some of you folks get that, right? Sometimes change is nice (but gradual and expected change, not surprising and sudden). 

While weeds are annoying I do admire their tenacity. Everything else is getting ready to go to bed for the winter, and the weeds are still being like "Come on, guys!! One more round! I'll buy!" 

Isn't that just a fabulous shade of red? 

Sunset silhouettes are my favorite. 

While everyone else is running to their cars after work because they don't like driving in the dark, I'm the nerd stopping and taking pictures. People need to look up more.

I finished up my last big project for the year (I think) today. I can't wait to show you!


  1. Beautiful pics. It's been particularly warm in The Netherlands as well. Last weekend even 20C!! In November, I can't believe it. We still have (huge) mosquitos in our house (normally, they're packed up and gone by the start of September). Climate change, anyone?? I also can't wait for proper winter, with decent cool temperatures, Husband and me have a sun trip booked for Christmas and it would be nonsense if we go for sun in December when it's still tropical at home ;-)

  2. The weather has been a bit unusual around here too- colder than I expected for this time of year! Which is a good thing for the most part. =) I love it when leaves make a crunchy blanket like that! =)

  3. Fantastic photos! I hope you have a wonderful Thanksgiving!



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