Sunday, November 29, 2015

Twinkle, Twinkle Little Clutch

Ahoy ahoy! I have been elfing so hard the past few days I almost can't wait to go back to work to get off of my aching feet. But now I'm drinking tea in a very Christmassy house and feel like everything is just right, so here we are.

I've mentioned before that my brother is getting married in a few short weeks. I had huge plans (well, plans) to make myself a bag, but true to form I neglected to think my idea all the way through and hit a block (one that was multi-faceted, and would have needed several creative solutions, each one possibly causing another problem--don't even ask). I probably could have made it work, but it almost certainly would not have had the look I wanted. If it's not going to look like the image in my head, I don't want to waste the time or materials. So I bought one. I know, don't yell, But I did.

Fast forward and my sister asked for a bag for the wedding. I had just finished some projects and thought "Oh, wow, I am done. It is unnecessary for me to sew another stitch this year unless I want to" when a wheedling voice came over the phone with a "Beeeeeee?? Wanna make me a bag?" I really can't say no to things within the realm of possibility, so we went fabric shopping. I thought it would take me a long time for some reason, but last Sunday afternoon it was wham-bam done.

It's difficult to catch twinkle with a camera, but this thing is almost mesmerizing. It's quite a sizable bag, too. The frame is almost nine inches wide, so I'm guessing the bottom is about eleven? with a two inch deep bottom.

I wanted to use Bosal again for the interfacing, but I only had fusible on hand. I don't particularly care for the fusible, so I used some old, thin interfacing to fuse it to each side of the double-sided Bosal, and made it a sew-in. It worked just fine. Phew. The sequin fabric has some stretch to it, so I layered it over some solid black cotton (which is also the lining). It feels very sturdy but not rigid--it has squish without being soft, and structure without being stiff.

I have had this frame in my stash for about five years. I bought it on my one and only trip to NYC's garment district, and obviously never used it, so I was happy to finally do so. I tried to wait for dark to see what the full effect might look like amongst the Christmas lights, but obviously couldn't, haha, but this gives you a good idea of the shimmery-glimmeries of the fabric.

I made this bag about an inch and a half taller than I usually do, so it's definitely a nice big bag, but not like a suitcase. I was nervous thinking it might be too large, but it's not--it'll hold a good amount of stuff without busting at the seams.

The only issue I had was with the stitching. Not thinking that it was glue holding those sequins to the fabric, things did get a little bit skippy at times, but nothing too terrible. I was able to go back over the skipped-stitch sections, and it was just fine. I gave my machine a very good clean-out, and tossed the needle, even though it was practically new. I thought this would be easier than fabric with sewn-on sequins, but I suppose you must pay in some way for all that sparkle.

So nooooooooow I don't have to sew another stitch if I don't feel like it. Although I probably will. I love sitting and crafting with the Christmas lights on, and the candles burning, and a mug of hot chocolate nearby.


  1. That clutch is lovely, perfect for an evening do! I'm wondering about what the lining looks like, equally fabulous, I'm sure.

  2. Woooow, that fabric! One of my daughters would be going totally crazy over that!

  3. What a gorgeous bag! Absolutely lovely. I can just picture how much prettier it is in person, watching it truly sparkle with the light. Lovely work!



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