Wednesday, November 25, 2015

Stuffing Day

Right now, get up, go find the moon, and make a wish. It's a full moon tonight, and wishes must be made upon it.

Have you seen this year's John Lewis Christmas advertisement? Though a quarter of the world away from the UK, I am always eager to see their Christmas ads--I love them! And if you look close enough....maybe....? (you have to watch the ad :)

Anyway, tomorrow is Thanksgiving here in the States. At some point, I made an subconscious decision to not loathe the day this year. I won't say I'm looking forward to it, but I don't feel like the mistress of doom as I usually do (I have tried to figure out why I am the only one I know who doesn't care for the day, but to no avail. It is what it is). Apparently if you put a little spirit into the thing it sits better with the soul.

So tonight was the peeling and chopping and mixing and de-gibletting. Funny thing--I don't like turkey, but I don't mind sticking my hand in there and getting rid of the gross bits. I do believe we could replace turkey with chicken, and potatoes with pasta and all would be well, as long as the stuffing was present.

The table is all set. There will be twenty-two face stuffers here tomorrow, so a wee bit of furniture rearranging was in order. But it's all just so right now. It's not in the pic, but A-train went around the table putting coasters by everyone's plates (my mother has a million coasters from here and there, that have usually been used more as toys than coasters) and saying "Now people can put their drinks on these." Oh, my heart!--I remember being little and doing a little thing like that and having it feel like just the biggest deal in the world, that all would go to h-e-double sticks if it wasn't for that little touch.

I love the mixy-matchy dishes and cups and silverware. We ain't no fancy folk 'round here. Although I did make name cards. My mother used to task me with this every year, and I always complained that "people are adults, and they'll know how to sit down." One year I refused to make them, and wouldn't you know there are people who, no matter how many times they do something, are incapable of doing it without being told, so we're back to place cards, hahaha.

My dad cut the bottom off of a wine cork so it would sit flat, and my mom and I carved a slit for the cards. My dad always saves the wine corks, so he had a little stash he donated to my spur-of-the-moment need to craft on Sunday (he's a borderline hoarder, as every little bit could serve some creative purpose to the model railroad extravaganza that he's been working on for a while).

So that's that. I hope you have a happy thanksgiving tomorrow, and if you're like "Yeah, it's just Thursday," then have a wonderful Thursday.


  1. Happy Turkey Day!! (I am always the mistress of gloom during Christmas, that's why we go to Marrakech this year!!). You should really hop over to the UK for Christmas, it's so nice it even makes me forget my inner Scrooge.

  2. Thanks for the link to the John Lewis ads, I fell in love with them! Hope you're not too stuffed after that feast. :)



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