Sunday, November 1, 2015


I have spent more time knitting this year than I have total since I learned the craft in 2003. I attribute this to finding the Very Pink website. She makes everything look so easy and accessible that you are immediately overcome by a sense of needing to make everything. Before becoming much more confident in my skills almost all of my projects were made out of your basic acrylic yarn. I had never knit with what would be considered a luxury yarn. So this is my first official fancy-schmancy yarn project.

The project I went with is called the Saroyan scarf by Liz Abinante (find it here on Ravelry). I made it out of Madelinetosh Tosh Vintage in the alizarin colorway. The scarf (or is it more like a shawlette?) has a really pretty leaf edging, and the colors reminded me of fall (mums and leaves and sparkly bits of sunshine in the late afternoon).

I love that leafy border so much!! As this was knit in primarily stockinette (and did curl on the sticks) I was worried I'd be disappointed in the end result. But I simply pinned it and steam-blocked it, and it ended up beautiful. It even looks delightful on the back--

This yarn was so beautifully soft and squishy. Ravelry has a feature where you can shop other users' stashes, and that's how I came across this. The gal I bought it from had this left over from making an afghan. I can't imagine how much all that yarn must have cost as I felt quite extravagant buying just the two skeins. But it was so worth it. The pattern was not difficult, but there were certainly a few bits to pay attention to. Just right to feel satisfied in the outcome but not frustrated with the process.

Ignore the junk in the background--the house is being painted and everything is all over right now. And as I forgot about it getting dark an hour earlier I needed the room with the most light which was also the messiest.

I don't totally love wearing it hanging down as it looks like some weird half sweater vest. But looped just so you still see the leaves and it looks a little nicer.

This is one of those yarns where I think no matter what you use it for it will turn out beautifully. So if you fancy a fun and lovely pattern to knit I recommend this one for sure. A yarn splurge is up to you, but I can recommend this stuff for sure if you put on your winter coat and find some money from last year that you forgot all about.


  1. I adore the color, it looks fabulous on you!

  2. What a lovely shawl, and you did a beautiful job, knitting it.

  3. What a lovely shawl, and you did a beautiful job, knitting it.

  4. I love that leaf edging! Your scarf turned out really lovely... I hate having stuff around my neck, but I might just bear it for something like this!



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