Friday, December 11, 2009

I don't know if these people see me coming or what....

....because these things just always seem to be there taunting my wallet.

Had dinner at Cracker Barrel tonight.  And, as everyone knows, you can't eat at Cracker Barrel without shopping at Cracker Barrel.  I found a bunch of cute little things to add to my nephew's Christmas gift, but this was for me.  Not that I need 8 crayons. Or a crayon tin.  But I really needed the tin.  I love things that look like they belonged to my parents or grandparents but are still in mint condition.  I have no clue what I'll use it for.  Everyone knows that the 8-pack of crayons is probably one of the most useless things, but the tin would be stupid in any other size. Whatevs.  After a full work day and then 5 hours of shopping I'm slightly delirious.  By the way, has anyone else noticed how impossible it is to find a decent coloring book anymore? Not that I was looking or anything....


  1. I haven't been to a Cracker Barrel since 1996! If memory serves me right, they have some the best rib-sticking food ever. Just like you, I had to buy something while I was there. Being the young sailor that I was, I bought two copper lanterns and modified them with lights and made one red and the other green to solidify their nautical purpose.

    Now I really want to go to Cracker Barrel... where's the nearest one????

  2. Yes, it sure is rib-sticking! They put in a Cracker Barrel a few years ago up near the Philly entrance to the Turnpike. I had never been to one before, but my sisters used to rave about how good it was. And I appreciate a place that will serve me breakfast for dinner.

  3. Anyplace that serves breakfast all day if A-1 in my book.



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