Wednesday, December 30, 2009

Week 52 in Pictures....

I ate me a little of this and a little of that....ok, a lot...of everything.

Sour Patch Kid candy canes and every kind of homemade cookie known to man...

I woke up to this...
That thermometer is a big fat liar. It says 42 degrees but there's no way that's accurate.

I tried to get this to work, but no luck.

Little Orphan Annie, anyone?  I believe this beauty turned 80 this year.  (Oh, it's one of those old-timey radios, in case you never saw one).

I took pictures of Christmas decorations (with me new camera--she's loverly).
A Christmas spider ornament and a fiber-optic village.

I had a quilting lesson.
Bowtie quilt blocks that are crazy fun to make (or maybe that's just me).

And my nephew bought me a "special present:"
...because you can't leave Oakdale, PA without them.

After driving over several rivers, through a few mountains, and enduring endless hours of bored-seven-year-old-stuck-in-a-car-for-a-long-drive craziness, I'm happy to say we're home.  From Grandma's, of course. Pizza Delivery Guy just knocked, so I'm off.  Hope you're all warm and happy.

1 comment:

  1. hahaha, those are my mama's cookies!
    yummy num nummy!
    glad to see oakdale looked the same this year (as it has every since i can remember memories haha!)



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