Wednesday, February 20, 2013

A Couple Good Reads for Those Who Sew

I've got a couple links to share with you today that you might find to be of interest.
  • Nicole Mallalieu is a bag designer from Australia. Here on her blog she delves into the differences and similarities between various Pellon and Vilene interfacings. Pellon is widely available here in the US, but if you're in the UK or down under (or probably just not in the US in general) Vilene is the brand of interfacing available to you. However, when you're reading patterns/instructions/tutorials/etc. from Vilene country and you don't live there and vice versa), you might be confused as to what's being used and where. This link is pretty stinkin' helpful at breaking it down so if you see Pellon you can figure pretty closely what you'll need in Vilene. Note that it's geared towards bag-making, but if you're an interfacing nerd you might still want to give it a perusal.
  • Whipstitch used to be an online fabric shop, but Deborah sold off her stock to make room in her bricks-and-mortar shop in Atlanta to be a sewing school. It's also an online community where she blogs and offers sewing e-courses. She recently posted this little bit on the difference between sewing to learn and learning to sew. I found it to be quite interesting on how the art and the craft of sewing can be viewed. I lost my temper while sewing something last night and fully intended to trash the item and start over. And then a little voice in my head piped up with "Sewing to learn, remember?" And so I kept on and finished and it all worked out fine in the end.
I must now trot off to eat my Chinese food that just got delivered and find out what happens on The Brady Bunch. It is my recent obsession. I know, I'm weird. That's not news to me. Happy Wednesday!

See what I did there? I said happy Wednesday and it's Wednesday Addams? And she's not happy...and...whatever. You know it's witty. 


  1. Sheesh, have you been cyber stalking me? And how did you know what I looked like when I got up this morning... ;o)

  2. Thanks for the reading! I will go check it out.
    XO Kris



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