Thursday, February 28, 2013

A Few for Friday - #9

I am kind of in disbelief that it's March. Please give me a moment while I collect myself....OK, I think I'll be all right now. I've still got my fingers crossed for snow, but as the weather warms I get more motivated to do things. Which is good, because I've got a lot of things I've been asked for. I'm hoping to kick that list's butt this weekend! But first, here are a few bits from my week.

I'm never awake early enough on Saturday to snag the paper before my dad gets it, but last Saturday I was. A cup of hot coffee and a puzzle are a fabulous combo on a rainy Saturday morning.

 When my mom was prego with moi she couldn't decide between the names Meredith and Bethany. On the way to the hospital for the old heave-ho they passed this church and that decided it for her. I used to wish she had named me Meredith, but then every Meredith I've ever been met had the nickname of Merry, which sounds jolly but to hear that over and over again would have made me think of elderly retirees in Florida with socks and sandals. No offense if that's your name/nickname. Let's rewind and stick with "Hey, my name is on that church wall!"

 'Tis the season.

It took me a few to realize that wasn't any old happy face, but Mr. Happy!! Remember those books? Ohhhh how I loved them. Aren't they the cutest shoes ever? Even cuter with wee tootsies in white ankle socks stuck in there, but the tootsies were connected to a wee napper.

 This week's project--happy happy pillows.

I guess someone knows when I'm on the couch with my computer I'm usually dog.

I hope you have a delightful Friday! I'm off to play some Candy Crush. I'm stinkin' addicted to that stupid game!


  1. Doing the puzzle in pen, eh? That is pretty gutsy! Love the story of your name. When my Mom was going to have me, she already had two boys and told my Dad that he could name me. He was on his way to work, and was at a stop light on Kristin Avenue. Thus my name. I was always so happy he didn't get stopped at Pacific Coast Highway or Mulholland Drive.

  2. I have no patience for puzzles, very 'Bill Clinton' of you!! :-)

  3. My parents wanted to name me Steven. No idea how they got Holly. Love the pillows, so pretty! Have a great weekend!

  4. I'm glad your Mom named you Bethany, otherwise our friendship wouldn't be as fun :)

    My Mom wanted to name me Amy (Little Women is her favorite book ever!) but I had a cousin that was named Amee just before my Mom got pregnant with me, so she started thinking about Beth, but Beth was too short and she didn't want to name me Elizabeth because she was afraid I'd be called Liz or Lizzie. My Mom is a nurse and while at the hospital heard a nursing student by the name of Bethany being paged. She liked the name and the rest is history.

    The kicker to that story is that when I was 15, I was downtown shopping with some friends. Once of them was at the back of the store, and called to the front of the store, "Hey Bethany, check this out." wanting me to look at something, and at the same time I looked, another lady in her 30's looked too. She came over to talk to me, since Bethany isn't the most common name, and I found out SHE WAS that nursing student from the hospital!!! Crazy, right?

    Sorry for the long comment... and those pillows look super fun!

  5. Love those pillows (we usually call them cushions in the UK but my 15 year old calls them pillows - I think she enjoys too many US sitcoms!) The colours are a very welcome burst of colour - roll on Spring! x Jane

  6. Okay, the Mr Happy shoes make this post :oD



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