Wednesday, February 13, 2013

Happy Day of Lurve!

Happy Singles Awareness Day! Happy Al Capone Massacre Anniversary Day! Ummm....Happy Valentine's Day! I'll just stick with that.... :)

A day devoted to love and things that are pink and red can't be all bad, can it? And candy hearts. I'd offer you some, but the bowl is almost empty and they're my favorite so I can't. Sorry. Love ya!


  1. is a sort of drummed up Hallmark kind of holiday, isn't it?
    But candy is always good!!!!
    XO Kris

  2. Hehehe, reminds me of me (I don't share chocolate - end of!) and I totally understand. I hope you still have a lovely day. We're not "celebrating" in any big fashion, but I have baked a cake for the occasion which I'm proudly showing off on my blog today. Between you and me though -it's only because I received a free springform as a gift, not sure I would have done it otherwise ;-) Lots of Lurve from lurvely London xo

  3. ROFL, love the happy singles awareness day ;o)



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