Tuesday, February 12, 2013


I used to keep a diary religiously. For a long time. I went through phases where I would just write whatever, then would write basically a list of my activities for the day, and then ended up with your usual teenage/young-adult banter about boys and bitches, hahahahaha. Then I stopped. I used to feel an absolute need to write, that one day simply evaporated. Other than this blog I don't really write much anymore (except for the notebook I keep of quotes I come across that I like when reading). So the need to buy this item is inexplicable to me, but it was such a deep, yearning need I felt it in my stomach.

A perfect little hard-backed journal from the stationery aisle at Target. They always have the cutest notebooks which I can pass up, usually. But this time I couldn't. I held it and sighed. And put it back with a lingering touch, as though saying goodbye to someone you love more than life itself. I got two aisles away and simply had to go back for it. My feet were not under my own power, and some unseen force put it in my hands and shoved me towards the cashier. There was really nothing for it.

This is what graces the back cover, and is absolutely the most perfectly sweet house ever, right on down (or up?) to the flower boxes. You just know it's a house full of happy times and cheer, just by looking at it.

Even the page where you write your name is completely endearing. That bike doesn't look all that comfortable, but we don't care--we're wearing a sweet little dress and our hair is blowing out behind us as we head out to the countryside for a drinking picnic, it looks like.

And the front and back inside covers make me swoon. Do you understand at all why I needed it? Do you?

Here's my question, then....what the hell do I write in it? I'm not kidding. I've been thinking and thinking of what kinds of things would be worthy to reside in such a delightful little book and haven't thought of a thing. I was thinking of going all 'Harriet the Spy' and just writing down whatever passing fancy flits through my head. But I'm taking suggestions. What would you write?


  1. Cute journal! Keep a journal of the hand made items you make and sell!!!!
    : ) Kris

  2. That is all sorts of adorable! I can see you making a quilt similar in design to the houses.

    As for what you can "write," bag patterns? :) I draw my ideas on journals.
    Or the adventures of Charlie!

  3. I can see how that notebook would call your name! I'm not much of a writer, so have no suggestions as to what you can fill it with, I just wanted to tell you it's a cute notebook :)

  4. That is adorable! How about funny or sweet things that the people you come across say and do?

  5. Oh I have a whole collection of wee notebooks that I just *needed* and then they were too good to write in. Too good. Seriously. I need help...

  6. If you are a wine drinker you could write down the wine, vintage, and your comments. You could even come up with some great descriptions - like buttery, bold, a wonderful nose . . .

  7. Oh, I do love your little book and recognise all the signs. I've recently opened my latest little book to use as a Wish List and I've even written 2013 under that to make sure I have another one next year tee, hee. Its quite useful as I put each item I lust after on its own page, then write where I can get it from and the price on the other side. So far, it has helped me spot when things I want are on offer or there is a free p&p at the supplier that stocks them. I'm also starting to make notes of the projects I intend to use the items for when I do get them.

  8. It's adorable!! You could use it to write down all the nice things people do for you. Then, when you're feeling a little blue, you can look back and see how much people love you.



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