Friday, February 15, 2013

A Few for Friday - #7

Hi chickens!!! We're halfway through February--do you believe that? It seems like it was just Christmas. Oy. My week was very quiet and low-key--I thought I was coming down with something, but just needed tea and rest. I indulged in my couch-crafting, as I'm still low on motivation, and did a bit of reading. I ordered fabric for a few projects and have been obsessively watching an auction on eBay that I need to remember to swoop in at the last minute and win. And now here we are. The seventh Friday of 2013.

We've been getting lots of mini snowstorms. The news gets all "OH myyyyy Goood! Buy a shovel!!" and then they have to be all "Well, we DID say it might shift which is what it did do, sooooo....." Almost as soon as it falls it's gone. No fun.

I've got the edges on their way to being straightened up and then I'll see where it goes. I don't think I have it in me or my fingertips to hand quilt this.

The day after I took this photo it was so gloomy and foggy it looked like some end of the world kind of movie. We went from snow to sun to fog back to sun and now maybe some snow this weekend.

 Snuggled under one blanket while making another. While wearing cushy soft rainbow socks. They give me special powers.

 Your obligatory sunset shot. The skies are so beautiful right now and I love the silhouettes of the spidery'll probably see more of these. Sorry. No, I'm not really...

So that's that. Oh! Here's a fun fact. Other than me, my dog is the only being I know who likes vanilla meringue cookies (those things that taste like Lucky Charms) AND candy conversation hearts--not at the same time, just both. Oh! And I said something today that was 'really funny.' At work I did one of those stumbly trip things but it was one where I couldn't cover it up and pretend I didn't just trip a little. I looked behind me and mumbled "Stupid ninja." I mean, obviously not to myself but for the benefit of the person who saw me trip. Huzzah for laughing at out silly selves :)


  1. You always make me laugh!!! Love the sunset pic and the one with the streak across the sky? Is that a con trail? Did you hear about the meteor that hit Russia? Wow...that would give you a jolt!! You look so cozy on the sofa with your blankies and fuzzy socks!!!
    Watch out for that Ninja!!!
    XO Kris

  2. Oh yes, we've had some of that snow too! I have fuzzy rainbow socks too, they are the bomb...

  3. That's made me have a right old chuckle! I'm always awestruck by people who can make quilts - all those paper thingys and fabric whatsits and - hand stitching!!! Well done on yours - it's going to look fab! Off to have a little mooch around the rest of your blog x Jane



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