Thursday, February 21, 2013

A Few for Friday - #8

I can't believe it's Friday already! The days are getting longer (but not necessarily warmer--but you know what? If we're not going to get a decent snowfall then winter can just go kick rocks), and I finally found my long-lost motivation. Ideas are swimming, my fingers are itching to do-do-do!, and I'm very excited about that. So let's move on to a few snapshots that made up my week, shall we?

Saw these in Michael's last week. Cute, right? Sweet little chicky candles in a half shell? How cute do you think they'll be when a flame is burning them down to a blob of amorphous goo? I would feel like the biggest sadist. Of course...they could be just decorative...that would be cute.

I went to Barnes and Noble on Saturday for some me time. WHY do parents let their kids run and scream and act like fools in the book store? I wanted to tell them they needed to pretend they were in a library because SOME people consider this one of their happy places and would like to enjoy perusing the fine literature, thank you very much. I settled my nerves with a lot of calories.

 One night we were watching TV when my mom says "All right, who posed Charlie's toys like that?" Charlie did that one all by himself.

 I went looking for red tulips but came away with these roses instead. They were soooo pretty while they lasted. 

 Doing a little shop sewing this week. I'm having fun working with scraps to pick out cute combos.

 "Before you drink that you might want to get a cream doughnut to go with it...."
Oh yes I did--these came from a bakery near one of the guys I work with. Tremendous guilt followed but this was absolutely delicious. It's evident the diet was not adhered to this week.

 I had big plans to work that doughnut off at aerobics tonight, but Z-man requested help in writing up the steps for how to make a paper airplane. I told him I write sewing tutorials so I could totally help him. Turns out writing directions without the aid of pictures isn't easy. We tested it on a few different people to see if it made sense and it seems to. Of course, we had to first learn how to make a paper airplane.

So that's that. Have a delightful Friday!


  1. Oh Bethany, I always get a chuckle when I come to see you! The dog toys...hysterical! Your Mom....too funny, that is me!!!

  2. Oh I totally couldn't have burned those chicks either, I'd feel like I was committing chickicide! Charlie obviously has a very dirty mind. Or wants some... ;o)



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