Friday, February 1, 2013

A Conversation

The place: the dinner table, Thursday evening.
The time: dinner time. Duh. Please pay attention.
Who: Bee, Z, my brother and my mother (they were supporting cast to our starring roles)

Me: Hey, bud--did you get new glasses?
Z: Define new.
Me: I dunno...a few weeks maybe? Pretty recent.
Z: (thinking face)...Yeah, it's been a couple weeks.
Me: They look a little like your other ones.
Z: Yep.
Me: Why'd you get new ones?
Z: When I got my new sport goggles I got a free pair of glasses.
Me: Ohh, okay.
Z: Why pass up something free? Especially glasses?
Me: You're right, I was just asking. I thought something happened to them.
Z: If someone's giving away free vacuum cleaner bags, you take them!
Me: .........

I laughed pretty dang hard at the fact that he picked vacuum cleaner bags as his example. I mean....what????

One of the multitude of reasons why I adore him.


  1. Who's giving away free vacuum cleaner bags? I wonder why he didn't pick fabric or yarn?? And I switched to a bagless vacuum cleaner because I can never find the bags.

  2. Ah yes, though people who have a Dyson wíll actually pass on the free vacuume cleaner bags **padam ching**. You're nephew is funny, though I think you should reconsinder him for your Valentines date... must see if Clooney is free!! ;-)

  3. Well duuuuhhh, *EVERYONE* knows that about vacuum cleaner bags...



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