Thursday, May 9, 2013

A Few for Friday - #19

What a long week. We had some training we were doing at work all week, along with the regular stuff, so my brain never settled into work mode but was more in a here-and-there sort of mode. I had a few sewing projects lined up that I wanted to do, but only got two of them done--one was this zippy wristlet, and the other I'll show you on Saturday as I've got a book review I'm going to do with it. That one took me three evenings. Three!! But when it's a first-time project with lots of bits I've never done before it usually takes me longer anyway. It turned out really cute or else I'd be annoyed at all the time invested. But that's for another day. I need to trot to bed so I'm going to pop these pics up here and mosey on :)

Things are no longer so much like this--the blossoms have all started on their 'snowfall' to the sidewalks below. I do love the flowers--I wish that was the ordinary state of trees, but I do suppose I might appreciate them less if their presence wasn't so fleeting.

 The weekend had beautiful blue skies and sunshine glinting off the leaves. It was warm in the sun (almost too warm) but quite cool in the shade.

 When you make Babycakes smile he likes to show all his teeth, of which there are eight. 

 The eyes. Just...the eyes. 
Side note: Lest you think I only have one nephew, the other one is now of the age where, when the camera is pointed at him, he says "Could you not?"

 My mom's boss gave her staff trays of cookies. My mother does not like frosted novelties, so she went for the chocolate chips and I went for the iced frog. And the iced flower the next night. They were quite delicious and, in retrospect, I wish I had shown a little more discretion as I really want one right now.

Pop back Saturday so I can show you my latest project that has my fingers sore for the hand-stitching I did on it. And then I'm going to share my June sewing plans with you. Remember how last June I did a month of easy tote tutorials? It might be something like that...

Happy Friday!

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  1. Our cherry blossoms are still going strong, after all, they've only been out less than a week! I'm with nephew #1 on the photos... ;o)



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