Sunday, May 19, 2013

The Arc Angel Tote

Wanna see my new handbag? I was using the blue and pink one from this post, and loving it! But then I bought a new phone, and the thing is a lot bigger than my old phone. It stuck so far out of the pocket that it interfered with the zipper--crazy big-ass phone, eh? Remember when it was a big deal when they got teeny, and now they're trying to make them larger again? Anyway, I could have just not used the pocket, but I don't like my phone rattling around in the bottom of my bag--I can barely get to it in time as it is, if it's at the bottom of the bag forget it! Luckily for me, u-handbag just published their latest pattern--the Arc Angel Tote.

I was smitten from the start with the pleats and the curves. I'm only slightly ashamed to admit I kind of stalked the site waiting for it to appear. I knew exactly what fabric I wanted to use, too, so I could get straight to work. So what was the first thing I did? Messed up, of course. The big old words that said 'tape together on the dotted line' escaped my view, and so I had a few pieces that were a bit smaller, and no yardage left to cut new ones. My first instinct was to scrap it, but then I thought "No, dang it! I really want this bag!" So I modified it. The measurements sounded too large anyway, but I wanted to make the bag as written first, and then modify it. This way I skipped a step and have a bag that I totally love off the bat. I would like it a little bit wider, but the yoke part with the overlapping pieces is the part I had cut small, and would dictate the width of the bag. I didn't want to try to eke a little more out of it and then really have issues inserting the magnetic snap.

I rarely use cotton webbing unless it's for totes, so this is a first for me. I couldn't find the recommended one inch size in a color I liked, so I bought 1.25 inch webbing and hooks that were a little wider. I was pleased with how neatly I stitched it--doesn't that sound smug? But straps tend to be a bit slippy anyway and these are no fun to pick stitches out of. I took my time and went sloowwwlly and they come out nice and neat. The webbing was pretty stiff, but I smashed the folds as flat as I could and held them in place with clips.

I added some top-stitching that shouldn't be there because I didn't read the directions all the way through first. I always tell you guys to do that on tutorials and then didn't do it myself. There's a reason I can't pick the stitches out, but I can't think of what it is right now. I love the colors of those stripes. Now if the weather would get sunny and let the flowers bloom I could feel right seasonable carrying this around.

One of the reasons I love my grommet and eyelet pliers so is that you can get a nice even smash when inserting hardware. Plus, you have to give them a nice big squeeze to get them in just right, but then you feel the metal give and know that it's really in there. It's really good if you've had a rough day and need to get rid of some stress. And I don't bug everyone by using the hammer and anvil method which is equally useful but far more noisy.

It has a nice flat bottom, too. Perfect for holding all my stuff. I found the lining by chance when I was looking for something else in Joann's one day--it's a bit twee, but it's the lining and only for my eyes (other than yours right now :) and it makes me smile.

Now my pockets are plenty deep for my kitchen table sized cell phone. I really dig how this one came out--it reminds me of summer and bright beach umbrellas and popsicles. I'm not saying I want to jump into the triple digit temps we seem wont to receive in the summer months, but I'd like to see the sun and flowers and drive with my windows down.

Well, enjoy your Monday! I'll always hate them, but you might like them :)


  1. Ooh, I do like your choice of material. Like you, I also saw this bag when Lisa previewed it. thank you for reminding me to download it. Thank you also for a very enjoyable blog.

  2. Looks good to me! I like the swivels and straps, you did a mighty neat job on those!

  3. Great bag! I love your fabric choice and the pleats are beautiful.

  4. Wonderful bag!Love it!

  5. Love it, so summery, so happy, perfect!

  6. It's so neat and pretty, you're right to be proud of your stitching on the straps! :)

  7. Yes, what is that with phones getting bigger again?! Obviously the men were having manliness issues ;o)

    Anywho, love the bag, and I wish I had a pair of those pliers, my grommet insertion sucks!

  8. totally love your bag. I think I like it better than the original!!!
    Good sewing, girl... :)
    hugs xx
    Crystelle Boutique



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