Monday, May 6, 2013

Double Zip Wristlet

This may be a bit muddled as I sat down to write this before "Hawaii Five-O" came on, but then I got involved watching it, and any crime-oriented shows that have anything to do with horrific things happening to children worms into my brain and stays there for a bit. I really should just not watch those particular episodes. Plus I've got to do some speaking tomorrow at work, so my brain is now taken over with things not related to anything I'm going to say from this point forward.

OK, so last week a friend of mine at work asked me to make him a clutch. Yes, you read that right--a clutch. And him. He wanted it in all black, and I didn't take any photos as I can never get decent photos of black fabrics. So I made a different version tonight to share with you (hence the crappily lit photos). So here's my double-zip wristlet in 'Washi Tape' fabric by Rashida Coleman-Hale:

I love the muted tones of this fabric, yet it's still bright. I tested out a few zipper colors before I settled on yellow--it looks better when it's not blending in with my cutting mat. I had a 22 inch zipper that I cut in half, and attached two new zipper pulls to so they would match. I didn't attach any fabric to the pull as I think this already had a lot of things hanging off the side of it.

The 'male' version :) of this one had a magnetic-snap pocket on the back that gave me fits (I only included it as he specifically requested it)--I didn't included it on this one as I thought it made the clutch quite bulky (even more than it already is). I was so focused on how many pieces I'd need to cut and what would be showing where and what was going on with raw ends that on the original I didn't line the front pocket fully. It's one of those things that only the maker notices, but I made a mental note and remedied that situation as it would have been more obvious on something that wasn't all black.

I have one more project in mind for the washi tape fabric, so I mixed the pocket fabrics up a bit to make sure I had enough. They're so funky and different and eighties (according to my sister) that it works. The inside is all triangular confetti, and has no other pockets or adornments--

I cut my pieces to start thinking it would finish up at about six by nine, but it ends up not as wide as that as the bulk eats up some of it. It still finishes at a nice size--larger than an ordinary wristlet but not so huge that it's cumbersome.

Off to bed. See you later!


  1. I love the fabric, well done!!
    PS. I highly recommend you watch 'Beaty and the beast'... I am lusting over Vincent these days ;-) HA!

  2. It looks great. Thank you for making another one so we could see what you made for your friend. It actually looks like a really useful little bag. The sort of thing you could use for a day out to carry all your essentials to grab out of a bigger bag of stuff that you would need for the days activities.

  3. I love it! Are you going to do a tutorial??

  4. I love it! My husband has a canvas messenger bag that he carries his planner, and ipad and laptop and stuff to and from work in. We call it his Man Purse, or Murse!
    I love it!
    xo Kris

  5. Great little clutch. I like that men are branching out a bit from wallets :)

    I watched that Hawaii 5-0 episode and cried at the end. So sad. But LOVE that show!!

  6. I do love that washi! I have several colleagues with 'man bags' he's not alone ;o)



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