Thursday, May 30, 2013

A Few for Friday - #22

As far as I'm concerned, May can go kick rocks, go scratch, go slap itself, or just go away. From day two (because day one was my birthday and quite delightful) it has been one thing after another. It would have to be a doozy of month for me to wish it behind me, as it puts us closer to summer which many love, but which I equate with discomfort and headaches. Give me cozy sweaters anytime. I won't give you the somber rundown now, as some of it is quite sad, but I will tell you that it ended with me shipping my almost brand new sewing machine to Janome as it's kerplooey. I'll give you the story when I get more info on it. This has consumed my psyche this week, and as such have a literal few pictures to share.

We had our Memorial Day picnic on Sunday, and this (well, several just like this) was/were the only shots I took. Vegetables. That's it. They looked so pretty in the bowl I had to grab my camera. I'm standing on a chair over them, getting really close and looking very odd while my mother stands there with her hands full of seasonings waiting for me to get out of the way. She was very patient, and then she finally said "Are you done yet? You better eat those later."

 I've been teaching my sister to sew. We started off with basic hand-sewing. Last week she got a machine intro, and this week she hemmed a skirt she hasn't worn as it's way too long but still cute. She marked, cut, measured, pinned, pressed, and stitched. And then pressed again. When I took a picture she said "I don't wanna be on your blog. And don't say anything cute about me." If Z-man was over he'd say "I guess Aunt Leesha is the boss of sewing, too." She's the boss of arts and crafts, and the boss of chocolate-covered-pretzel making, according to him. 

On Sunday we were wearing sweatshirts and jeans and deciding if it was too chilly to leave the windows open. Today we're up to 96. It was down to 94 at about 6:30. I'm not ready for that yet...

As I've got two of the bags sewn for the June Zip-Along I think I'll go write up the instructions. Because if I don't I assure you I will forget. Happy Friday!


  1. Here here, for May was crappy!! And March and April can suck it too! So neat you are teaching your sis to sew. Is she older or younger? Also I adore the fabrics in your hex I runner!! Love them!!
    XO Kris

  2. I don't care if it's only 10 am, you deserve a stiff drink!!
    **hands over Cuba Libre**

  3. Oooh, that sucks on the machine (she says, in an understated sort of a way!) Hope you ate your veggies though, otherwise you'll never grow up to get curly hair, or a hairy chest, or be big and strong...



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