Tuesday, December 1, 2015

I'm Bethany, Your Tour Guide

It's December! I wait alllll year long for it to be my favorite month, and it's here! But at the same time--ack! It's here! I'm pretty far ahead of the curve, and that is overwhelming me for some reason. I already have my Christmas cards, and I'm wondering when I'll have time to write them (which is totally irrational because I don't have that many to mail--with my adorable Charlie Brown stamps, by the way). I've got some shopping done. Decorating is done. Plans are in the works. It's all very ho-ho-ho around here.

OK, anyway. Back in August I went out to Lancaster County on a little day trip with my parents. For those of you who don't know, Lancaster County is Amish Country. Urban-sprawl-yuppies-taking-over-Amish Country, but there are still farms, and plain folk, and buggies and so on. I didn't take my big camera because the Amish don't let you take their picture for religious reasons. Even though their farms were adorable, right down to their clotheslines (with no photo restrictions), I didn't want to exploit them for a picture (because I wouldn't be taking a picture of the clothesline of a 'normal' person, that's for sure). If I had known, however, all that the words 'Christmas museum' would come to mean, I'd have lugged that thing for sure.

My mother had said (as she'd been before with my dad) "I really want you to see the Christmas museum." OK, I'm game. I don't know if she understated it purposely or what, but this was unlike anything I've ever seen. So here's my plan. I'm usually lacking in making things in December, so I thought I'd share with you the squillions of photos I took, sprinkled with a bit of Christmas lore, and maybe a craft or two to round out the month. A nice, cozy, little seasonal round-up of lights and ornaments and whatnot, a little spot on the web where you can spend a few minutes and unwind after the hectic-ness the season brings in.

OK? You in? I'll start the tour tomorrow. And when I tell you I felt like I was going to come out of this museum in China it was that extensive, I'm not even joking a little.

See you then!

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