Sunday, June 6, 2010

"But they're cousins...identical cousins, all the way..."

I brought my wavy top bag to work to show it off, and someone asked me to make one for them to give to her mother for a birthday gift.  There were to be "absolutely no pockets on the outside."  Understandable--who isn't worried about naughty fingers pinching their goods now and then?  The fabric she wanted was a very dark brown and aqua viney-scrolly print--both colors proved impossible for me to match.  If I tried to use a contrasting fabric it would have ended up looking not-so-great.  So I used a single print for the outside--straps and all--and a different one for the inside.  These bags have a totally different look but they're almost exactly the same:

"Yes, they're the same....if same means different."  {Friends}
I ask you this...what is a bag without zippers?  Ponder that.

My favorite--hardware close-ups.  There are also matching silver purse feet on the bottom.

With this one I ironed out a few kinks that the first bag had--the zipper fits in a little better, and I actually wrote down a few measurements I had neglected to do the first time around.  I really love this style of bag, but this particular size is just a touch too big for me to use everyday.  I'm working on a "shorty" version of this bag.  As I only have 2 bags left on my to-do list (does a little happy dance) it shouldn't be too long before I have it finished.  I love how they look similar yet different enough for a double-take and a "Is that the same bag?"  I've put the green and cream flowery one up for sale in my shop--I'm curious to see if it will sell.

Ta for now!


  1. hello! ive seen many cute bags u've made. would you mind making one for me? the're so adorable.
    how may i contact you?
    thank you

  2. Hi there--
    You can send me an email at



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