Friday, June 11, 2010

"Enjoy the little things, for one day you may look back and realize they were the big things."*

*Robert Brault

That says it all, no?

For as long as I can remember little things have amused me.  The fact that it may be Friday, for example.  When I was student teaching aaaaages ago, my fifth graders would tell me "We love Fridays too--you're always funner (oy! the grammar!) on Fridays!"  Green Swedish fish can make my day.  Today a co-worker picked all of the green ones out of the bag and gave them to me. Sweet!!  Babies in church always do the trick.  Because sometimes it's not always interesting, I confess (haha--confess. Catholic humor).  I think too often we take the little things for granted.  But life is made of little moments, and the big ones are few and far between.  If we waited for those how sad our lives would be.

On my lunch break today I went traipsing off to the gift shop for a few things.  I had to fight the urge not to buy this:

A tangible motto.

But my will power couldn't overcome the urge to buy these:

  Candy-coated almonds.  I don't know anyone who likes them--I think they're deeee-lish!

Other things that made me smile today?  Fitting a gift into a bag that was a mite too small.  Having a turkey and Swiss cheese sandwich on a baked pretzel roll for lunch.  Hitting no traffic on the way home from work.  Receiving a fun little package in the mail today.  Watching NCIS as I type this.  The prospect of an orange cream-sicle after I finish typing this.  The fact that I took these pics on my phone and they're not half bad.

Take note of the little things, kids.  They make up your life.  And when you add them together?  Way bigger than the 'big' things we thought we needed to be happy.

And for those who like it literal:

A miniature tea set.  That white piece on the left just behind it is the creamer for a full-sized set, to give you an idea of the scale. 

Have a loverly weekend!


  1. May I please have the miniature tea set? Thank you.

  2. You can fight me for it :)
    I have a sincere love for miniatures.



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