Sunday, June 20, 2010

Home again, home again, jiggity-jig

I didn't go far, and I didn't stay long, but I have that wonderful feeling of "Ahhh, home."  My favorite part of the weekend was breakfast--the other folks were so friendly that it felt like a big family breakfast.  My least favorite? Eating dinner by myself.  I am a yackety-yack, and I don't like to feel conspicuous, so I felt very uncomfortable being conspicuously solo without a chat partner.  After breakfast this morning I headed home because my favorite boy asked me to come home closer to lunchtime than to dinnertime; since the word "no" doesn't exist in my vocabulary, I came home.

So while I'm mentally prepping myself for the fact that I have to go to work tomorrow, here is some randomness about town:

Everyone should live at such a crossroads (I originally wrote crosswords--which I guess would apply too. And might even be serendipitous).  This is the shingle for a yummy mixed goods and book store.

 It was really neat being out and about in town on the hour--this clock tower plays beautiful bell music during the day--definitely in my top-ten list of "Things I Like About Small Towns."
 I dig how this stone staircase is nestled into the mountainside, about 50 feet off of the street.  It looks like secret things happen wherever it trysts and rendez-vous and such.

 Some of these homes had the most beautiful flowers in such vibrant colors. 

 This door certainly stuck out amidst the other ordinary doors.

 I would be in seventh heaven if this was my front entrance.  There were flags everywhere--I love a town where The Flag is flown in abundance.

 And this would naturally be my letter box....

And now, because I seem to have a radar for sewing and yarn-related goodies...

Look at the hand stitching on this old quilt.  I don't have the patience to do that.

Amazing--I do this and I call it 'storage.'  Someone else does this and it's 'memory art.'

 I've never heard of this company--have you?

 The innkeeper collects teapots. She has so many she asked people to stop sending them to her as she has no more room.  Meream--you would have loved it :)

 I kind of regret not buying this...but this store smelled like moth balls and that smell seems to never come out of anything...maybe I'll frame the picture and hang it on the door.

 I was going to buy this for my grandma--until I saw the price tag.  Oh, and the 'hold for Anne' tag that was on it...

I used to fight the urge to fall asleep while I was knitting because I just wanted to finish one more row before I could go to bed (I think this little girl is just plain bored with it).

And just because it reminds me of the one I had when I was little:

Although I love nostalgia--I'm really glad we as a society have progressed to computers.  Because some days Backspace is my best friend.

I spent most of my money on chowing down grub, but here are the things I bought:

Peppermint candy and candy cigarettes (I don't condone smoking--just love the way they taste), assorted old books, and a blue bottle in the shape of George Washington's head (don't ask).

A Moda charm pack, a couple fat quarters, and some antique buttons.  I was very restrained, doncha think?

My final purchase of the weekend--I tried to fight it but couldn't and handed over the cash.

So that's my weekend in a very large nutshell.  I met some nice people (except for one guy at the B and B who was kind of miserable--he was just so 'grrrr' during breakfast each day that I wanted to ask him to go back to his room because he was ruining our jolly good times).  I slept in the most comfortable bed (I'm thinking of getting a feather pillow-top for my bed since I couldn't fit hers in my travel bag, haha).  And I realized that though I'm an introvert I would not make a good hermit.  I like people. I like being around them, observing them, talking with them.  I thought I would like being away by myself, and I did, but I would have liked being away with the people I love even more.  What good are the good times if they're not shared?  Idyllic weekend, and a few lessons learned.  Always a good thing.


  1. But you must always make room for teapots! Haha

    Loving the images of place I know I will never be able to visit :)

  2. I told her I could show her where she could put more if she set her mind to it :)



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