Wednesday, June 16, 2010


Found this yummy little number on ebay last week.  Bought it for no good reason.  Made me happy.  Began writing in incomplete sentences (hehe).

I fell in love last week with the blog of Melissa Averinos of Yummy Goods.  If you have some time to kill head on over--you will want to paint your kitchen orange, go to yard sales, and will never look at rust the same ever again.  Her blog is where I saw the book above.  She once featured a neat-o board game from 1972--it was Milton Bradley's game of Happiness. It was very hippie and '70s and fun-looking, so I decided I wanted it. Just because.  So I headed to ebay, and when I first searched for 'Happiness' I received the message 'Happiness cannot be found.'  I chuckled and thought " old cynic, you."  I've been trying to get it to do it again so I could screen-capture it, but now I get 16,000 results for happiness (maybe I mistyped the first time).  Anyway, I entered my bid, watched like a hawk the entire weekend, kept an eye on it Monday afternoon, and as the auction ended Monday evening....completely forgot about it and was outbid.  Boo.  So maybe I wasn't meant to have Happiness (the game--not the emotion. Or state of being. Or whatever it is).  Because now all that is for sale is the chop-shop version where you buy each piece individually and it costs a fortune.  I will now begin my quest for a reasonably priced version of Happiness.

This weekend is my long weekend in Jim Thorpe, nee Mauch Chunk, PA.  I'll have my technology accompanying me, so as I'm calling it an evening with my tea and chocolate-covered granola bar I'll share my afternoon.  See you soon!

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