Wednesday, June 9, 2010

Yellow yellow bo bellow banana fana fo fellow me mi mo mellow. Yellow.

It's gray and rainy.  It's not the good kind of rain where you can hear it pinging off of the windows, or the kind that heralds in a thunderstorm.  It's that cold rain that just falls lightly--not enough to be significant, but enough to make things dreary and blah.  Enough to sap your energy, yet still make you feel restless. I don't feel like doing anything, and the words are getting caught somewhere between my brain and my fingers.  So here are a bunch of pictures reminiscent of what I want right now.  It was here just yesterday, yet it feels like it's been days...

 "Sunshine...on my shoulders...makes me happy" (and sunburned because I'm so fair.  Tee-hee).

Kind of wishing I had a real pair instead of a ceramic pair of Wellies.
$1.00 for a little yellow oinker of a piggy bank. I just noticed the yellow paper in the background. A two-fer!
Knit cotton dishcloth: some assembly required.

The unmistakable look of a stack of Nancy Drew mysteries. I believe I've read them all.

Bedroom curtains I made this winter.  When I first hung them I felt like I was waking up each morning inside a daffodil.
Music geekery.
Sunshine-y sewing supplies.

Yellow yo-yo magnet. It's fun to say. Yellow yo-yo. Yellow yo-yo. Yellow yo-yo.  Now they don't even sound like real words anymore.

My favorite boys Sponge Bob Connect 4.  Kind of creepy the way the pieces are leering through the holes in the board.

No words needed. Love this pic.

Surprisingly banana Tootsie Pops aren't as gross as they sound. Or look.  I dig the wrapper, though.  Vintage-y.

Fine. I'll tell you the story.

That last one was a Christmas present from my nephew.  There are boxes of cards inside with super simple questions on them that you're supposed to ask in rapid-fire succession.  It's harder than it sounds--your mouth wants to spit out the correct answer while your brain is trying to come up with the wrong one.  He picked this out specifically for me saying "Let's get this for Aunt Bee, because she always has to be right."  Have I told you that I love that kid? In case you missed it, I love that kid. 

I feel better.  Thanks for hanging out, loves.


  1. I love yellow!! :D Nice blog btw.

  2. Thank you! And thanks for stopping by :)

  3. Haha that is one clever nephew. And you have inspired me to make yellow curtains. I want to experience waking up inside a daffodil, too! :)

  4. It's a definite perker-upper when you walk into the room :)



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