Tuesday, June 8, 2010

"You used up ALL the glue on PURpose!!"

(A little early for 'A Christmas Story' quotes, but it fits...read on--you'll see).

Hello, dearies.  As usual, I spoke too soon. Yesterday I was all "blah blah blah done my to-do list blah blah blah" and today I got two and a half orders.  The half isn't official yet because the details are up in the air.  But tonight, I did finish the old to-do list.  Here are some pics, even though they may look familiar:

Wavy top tote in 'Vintage Flowers' from Joann Fabrics, and plain dark pink cotton.

 I think I've got the zipper part down.  I thought I was done but I had to go and add some fabric to the zipper pull--the bag could be sewn inside out but heaven forbid there's no fabric on the zipper pull :)

Finding the pink for this was a bit of a chore.  First we tried tone on tone, but nothing was worthy.  Then we were going to try brown; I think brown would have made the flowers pop a bit more, but would have been much more bland.  Then I tried plain pink broadcloth, and it worked--the shade of pink is in-between the two pinks on the bag, so it works nicely.  It's bright yet muted, and fun but not obnoxious.  Me likes. 

Tonight I summoned up my will-power and finished 2 more projects. They only took about an hour each, so I don't know why I put them off.  First up is a sunglasses case:

The fabric is called 'Kyoto Hollyhock' and came from Joann's (I don't remember designers, just the store name apparently).

This is pretty much the same case as this one, but I made it a little larger.  Sunglasses tend to run quite large and don't fold up quite so compactly as they used to; so the case needed to be bigger so it could snap shut.  

And this is a simple little Easy Peasy purse:

This fabric has been seen before....

Frame purses are pretty easy. They don't use much fabric and the sewing is pretty much straight. The only part that can be a little fiddly is gluing the purse into the frame. I've been using an awesome textile glue that has a great hold--I try to pull the bags apart to test it and it doesn't budge.  Tonight as I was going around the first half of the frame of the second purse, I noticed a hunk of glue on my hand.  I thought "Hmm, must have touched the frame somewhere."  I kept moving along, getting glue on my hand and still thinking that I must have just touched some glue.  I grabbed a fabric scrap to wrap around the tube because even though it's grippy it was still slippy (tee-hee).  I left it to set up and went to wash my hands; at this point I noticed that I blew a hole in the side of the tube--glue was no longer coming out of the top, but out of the hole, and there's no way that was going to be working out.  I had just enough glue in the tube to finish but now I was stuck.  I had bought a tube of similar glue at Joann's and figured I'd try it out.  If odor is any indicator this new one isn't as strong (but I did my yank test and it seems ok).  It doesn't apply as easily, and the tip is just a bit too fat to fit in the channel of the frame.  I'm glad it was on the second purse--I don't have any more of these on my to-make list, so I can order the good stuff without worrying when it gets here.

Ok. I have to go pick the dried glue off of the frames.  And find nail polish remover to get the glue off of my fingers.

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