Wednesday, August 11, 2010


One of my Facebook friends posted this video to her page.  I promptly stole it, added it to mine, and tracked it down on YouTube so I could get the code and share it with you here.  No matter where you live, what your political views are, etc. you can't help but be touched by the sheer, unbridled love and joy in this video.  Grab some tissues and enjoy.

And if you were having a good makeup day...I apologize.


  1. Grab som tissues you say. I think i used up half the roll!

  2. Sorrreeee!! But it's a happy cry, so it's good, yes? What I loved was how even the kids were so overcome by emotion that they cried--I always wondered why that was a reaction to supreme happiness...

  3. Sheesh. I thought I was good, until the little girl with Santa mouthed, "Daddy."

  4. Oh, and I'm totally gonna put this on my blog too. Someday soon.

  5. OMG that's when I lost it too! Especially when she said "I missed you." I regained composure only to lose it again with the kid with the glasses and the basketball trying not to cry. Then I gave it up and went with it :)



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