Monday, August 9, 2010

We interrupt your regularly scheduled blogging for this brief announcement...

I won!!  Not the lottery (didn't buy a ticket), not an Academy Award (because I'm not in movies), not at the game I played with my nephew last night (because I just don't have good game-winning luck).  I won a blog giveaway for which I had my fingers crossed.  I had to submit a picture to the Flickr pool at Sew Christine, who had a giveaway for this:

It contains 100 sewing projects, ranging in difficulty, and contributed by bloggers from all over (Christine has a tutorial for a wallet in this one).  I wasn't able to get my mitts on the 2010 version, but Meream contributed her tutorial for a yoga mat bag to that one (which I followed as one of my first solo projects. The instructions are available on her blog).  When I grabbed the pic from Amazon there was a negative review that said "Each of these projects goes across a few days--you don't get a project each day."  I chuckled and thought "Well, duh! What planet do you live on where there are 100 days in a year?"  I googled and decided she must live on Mercury, or thereabouts (88 earth days in a year).  Teehee.  Sometimes I get bored....

Many times when I need a break from my regular bag-making or the more difficult projects people ask me for, I look for something small and adorable to make to amuse my brain and use up my fabric stash.  I'm pretty excited to receive this calendar, as it seems perfect for such a purpose.  I don't know if I'll be able to make it until 2011 to peek...I may have the projects done by then...or not.  At my rate sometimes I could very well live on Jupiter (12 earth years, baby).  Ask my co-workers--some think I live there already.

I've got a blog award to write up, as well as pics from my own personal sewing challenge (ordeal? nail-biter?  fill the swear jar project?  OK, I'll stick with challenge).  Stay tuned!


  1. Oh I have a couple of projects on that one, too. Hahaha

  2. Oooo yay!
    I can't wait to receive it. I never win anything (doesn't everybody say that?) so I'm super excited to get this :)



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