Saturday, August 21, 2010

Pop Garden Pleated Eye Candy

I made another one of those ginormous pleated bags over the weekend.  I have yet to make one of these for myself, but it is one of my most favoritest bag designs.  And it really is quite a sturdy thing.  The colors of this one I just adore--bright, but very sweet and fun.  Makes me want to put on my red ballet flats and go shopping. The lady I made this for chose the fabric, but asked for the same pocket features as this bag.  The side pockets add a bit of time to it's construction, but it really does add a little something to it.  Here, have a look-see:

This is Heather Bailey's Pop Garden line in 'Peonies.'

I had the perfect red on hand to match the lining.  But I forgot about the zipper. Usually I have enough zippers on hand have a lot of zippers.  Except for the ivory color I wanted.  I tried about six different colors and was thinking I'd be heading out the next morning for an ivory color when Mumsy says "Try that green."  And whaddya know?  Perfecto!
I love the way it came out.  Just enough to pick up the green of the accent dots but not enough to go "Hey--lookee me--I'm a green zipper!"

You've seen enough of the insides of my bags--so I'll spare you.  But here's a loverly closeup of the fabric:

 And some nice even pleats.

I really don't want to give this one up.  It's just so fresh and fun looking.  And the red shoes.  Don't forget about the red shoes.  Actually, go and buy yourself a pair.  They're very liberating for the spirit.


  1. Bethany that is beautiful and the zip goes really well, clever Mummy. :)
    Kandi x

  2. Hi Bethany, I have to say that bag looks great and so well sewn. Really nice job, love the fabric, I can see why you wouldn't want to part with that one ;-) Love from London x

  3. Oh yes, so very true about red ballet flats. They will be perfect with this pretty bag. I think you should keep it. :D

  4. It's too late. She's gone. But I think I have enough for a saucy little clutch :)



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