Friday, August 27, 2010

What are you up to?

Because this is what I'll be doing this weekend....


  1. I am working. Or I should be I'm bloghopping. Haha

    Post photos of your projects!

  2. I wish you hadn't shown us this book!!!!
    i was going to get the Lisa Lam book but now I'm not sure!
    Any thoughts??????
    Keep us posted on your projects won't you???

  3. Oooooo get both, haha! I got this one because I was going a bit mad waiting for a good bag book to come along, and I needed something to make me chill a little until Lisa's comes out--that's the one I'm chomping at the bit for :)

  4. Very odd, I was going to comment on your new lampshade but cannot write into that comment box... Anyway, love your lampshade, it's very 1950s retro and really cute. Hope you have a lovely week, Love from London (your newest follower) xo

  5. Thank you :) Even my sister liked it (and we have very opposite tastes in everything).



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