Thursday, August 19, 2010

What's Your Creative Style?

Have you seen this quiz?  I don't remember how I came across it but it's kind of interesting to have a look-see into the subconsious of your crafty brain.  It's a few quick questions, and presto! Your creative side is psychoanalyzed!

As this quiz has it, here's me:

"You communicate through creativity.  You think of art as a means of reaching out to others but, at the same time, you use it as a shield to some extent. It’s a way of participating in society, in a community. It’s the way you communicate with others and the way they can communicate with you. Seen in this light, creativity provides the basic materials to build a bridge between you and other people, so you can’t think of it as something that lies outside your relationship with others. You like the attention and good opinion of others. When you show people what you’ve made — a birthday cake, or a piece of music you’ve written — it’s your baby, so you are very sensitive about any criticism. You need to be able to distance yourself from the result, and allow others to enjoy it and feel part of it, without it reflecting on you alone. Your creativity allows you (or would allow you) to feel part of the world. You’ve got an inner exhibitionist and you think that this strengthens your relationships. What you really want is for others to see the good in you. You prefer to get on the stage than stay in the wings analysing your inner life (although you do that, too). So let the show begin, but make sure your life doesn’t depend on the applause."

I don't know what the other results are, but this one seems pretty spot-on for least most of the time.  I feel most comfortable around people I don't know well when I can discuss something crafty, whether it's a craft I take part in or not.  I do tend to be a little sensitive to criticism, but I honestly feel that I've gotten much better at accepting it, so long as it's constructive (because who takes destructive criticism well?).  I love communicating with the online crafting community--not only does it help with difficulties I might be having with a project, but it assures you that you are NOT the only one who sewed a bag with the zipper closed so that you couldn't turn it right-side-out and had to take apart most of it.  The hardest part to get over is the "applause" factor.  I worry entirely too much about if someone is excited about something as I am, or if they really like something I've made or if they're just being polite.  It should be about the process and the artistic release, and a good result (but not necessarily a popular result).

Enough about me...take the quiz and find out about you!  And share if you dare!


  1. Hmm, well this is me and I kind of agree.

    Creativity enriches you

    Creativity is separate from the real world for you. But it’s a magical world in which you like to immerse yourself. When you’re involved in it, you get the wonderful sensation that there are no limits, that anything is possible. What you are really looking for is harmony — you want to feel you are a part of what you create. Planting flowers, writing poetry, embroidery or putting together a photo album, these are all suited to your sort of quiet creativity. You want to fall in love with what you create. You also think of creativity as a part of you in which you can take refuge and feel protected. As the psychoanalyst D Anzieu explained, creativity acts as an ‘encouraging parent — loving, enriching and supportive’. You would love to use your creativity to retreat into a world that is kind and reassuring. For you, being creative means having the chance to become one with what you create, bathe in the glory of it and allow yourself to be taken over by it. This is why you seem more suited to the sort of creativity that calls for gentleness, subtlety, harmony and patience. • To find out about how to tap into your creative side, see our feature in the August issue out now.

  2. Your blog is so cute, I really like your header. The quiz is cool, I like your results, I may have a go myself, see what it reveals!

  3. Maria--I would love to see what the other responses could be. I might change my mind and agree with one of those more!

  4. Serendipity! One of my favorite words!!
    Let us know what kind of creative soul you are!

  5. My results are the same as Maria's...It is sorta true, too. :)



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