Tuesday, August 3, 2010

Third time's a charm

I've had a few discouraging days of sewing.  Not discouraging in the sense that I think "I HATE THIS!  I'M NEVER SEWING AGAIN!!!" but the kind of discouraging that makes you think "WHAT is going ON here?"  I had my epic geometry fail on Sunday, even though my shirring was quite nice.  Last night I tried to remake a shirt that I was informed by several people made me look chesty, pregnant, or postpartum and breast-feeding.  The shirring on the shirt was just under the chest--I removed all of it and decided to redo it several inches down, similar to another shirt I have that I love and does NOT make me look awful.  So I did the whole shirring thing, and...another fail.  First, the unshirred shirt was huge, so I trimmed it (too much).  By the time I shirred it, it was just...bad.  Plus the seam down the center of the front, as well as the horizontal seam across the chest, were making things worse.  So this shirt will no longer be in my life.  When I informed my sister Alicia of this she got this secretly pleased look on her face that she would no longer have to see this shirt (which she hated in all of its forms).  The shirt was very inexpensive, so no great loss, but I did like the print.  This? Is why I don't sew clothing that isn't pajama pants or skirts.

So what was my success? Surprisingly, clothing.  My build is such that my hips are a healthy size--my main ordeal when buying bottoms is that I need something that will come over my hips but not gap all around my waist or be huge in the legs.  I had bought a few pairs of capris last year that I loved.  This year, I don't love them so much.  They're a little longer than I like and a little wide in the leg--I dunno why I didn't feel this way last year. But this year I took my mighty Gingher shears to a few of the seams and have 3 pairs of capris that I am more likely to wear tomorrow than I was today.  The main triumph is that I did it all without cursing.  I think the hems are all good, but we'll find out if I was precise enough when I put them on.  With my luck I'll miraculously have made them longer on one side and the other side will be Daisy Dukes.

And since I think a post should have a photo, here are some flowers for you.

They remind me of raspberry Creme Savers.

Hopefully I"ll have some successful crafting to share soon.  Emphasis on the successful.  Hopefully.


  1. OOhh you poor thing, don't give up though!
    Kandi x

  2. I should probably try to quilt something with straight lines, because I'll probably end up with free-motion squiggles, which would be a GOOD mistake for a change, haha :)

  3. Oh just them sewing gods messing with your drive. They can be really funny. You go and show them! :)

  4. Sewing gods should not try to be comedians...or at least not use me as their medium...



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