Sunday, August 15, 2010

Things I Don't Need

I heart notions. Big time.  Not ideas, although those are nifty too.  The little gadgetry that comes with crafts.  I own knitting notions that I've never used.  I have 112 million needle toppers, but I only ever used one pair at a time (as I only work on one project at a time).  I have oodles of stitch holders, but I don't knit anything where I need to use them.  I just adore sifting through all those little thingees when I'm looking for something else. I love them so much I want to own them for crafts I don't even do.  I don't scrapbook--but I want to own all those swell little punches and stamps and stick-on embellishments just because.  I don't know if it's an official disease, but I know I have it.

So...yeah, of course this applies to sewing.  I have tube turners, chalk liners, pincushions (note the plural) full of pins with different heads, bodkins, point pressers, and stuff I don't even know right now because I can't think of it all.  I just lurve it.  So why would I need more?  Because some day I might need it.   

 This needle and pin sharpening pad could save me some money on needles (the ones that I don't break because I forgot to switch my needle position after I attached a different presser foot.  Oops).

This yardstick compass would have come in handy recently when I was making circular cushions for my grandma's porch.  My method of "string tied to a pen" was a bit choppy.

 This gypsy gripper is great for stabilizing your ruler on your fabric to remove the cringe factor of "please don't let my hand slip; please don't let my hand slip."  Plus it reminds me of a little girl's plastic play telephone.

These pin magnets are super useful.  Or I assume so.  I don't ever drop pins when I'm sewing where they get stuck in the rug and then I have to either find it with my foot or watch it ricochet across the room when the vacuum hits it.
This "sixth finger stiletto" helps keep your fingers away from your steaming iron, or helps keep something fiddly in place as it heads towards your needle.

 Sewing themed button-headed pins.  As though pins aren't sewing themed enough.

True story:  I went to Joann's last week for a few things (I was very well behaved, I promise).  They had a cute little package of pins there for only $1.50--thirty pearlized heart-head pins in various colors.  I figured if nothing else they'd look cute in one of my pincushions.  I honestly thought they'd be seriously flimsy.  Wrong!  They're super awesome and I swear to you they made my sewing more enjoyable tonight (don't ask me why or how--I'm probably just weird).  I was seriously wanting to take the drive to go buy more of them.  But if there is one notion I don't need it's more pins.  I may just need this pin cushion, however:

And then I'd need more pins for it.  Such a vicious cycle.

My birthday is in May, and Christmas is, of course, in December.  Just sayin'.  If you want you can pretend they're sooner.

Notions pictured here can all be found at Nancy's Notions, except the teapot cushion, which I found here.


  1. I love getting bargain material boxes at auctions. Or the kind where there are lots and lots of fabric and the odd surprise when you go through the contents properly at home. I've also got quite a few sewing baskets or boxes from auctions containing the most oddly shaped buttons or with tools in that I have no idea of what they're for. But I keep them all, you know, just in case I get to use them in a craft I've not yet tried...

  2. I love sewing surprises. One morning there was a mystery bag of fabric at my front door. Turns out my mother's friend dropped it off, and it was filled with such fun bills, that's for sure :)

  3. I love them, too! But I hate my country because we don't have half the lovely crafting gadgets you guys get to enjoy. Why, we don't even have cutesy pins!

    That teapot pin cushion is making me giggle.

  4. I would never have thought of pin flimsiness if you hadn't posted on some ick pins you had bought. Obviously I ignored it anyway for the cutenss of heart-topped pins :)



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