Tuesday, August 10, 2010

Oh, the places you'll go!

"You're going places, baby" award from Meream

The rules are simple.  Recipients simply have to state where they think they'll be in ten years.

Tougher than it sounds.....If you asked me this ten years ago I would have imagined I'd be in a completely different place than I currently am.  Not necessarily happier, or better.  Just different.  OK then, ten years.  My vision for 2020 (hehe--vision. 20/20. geddit?)...

1.  I'll have a family situation at that point--the whole hubs and kids thing going on.  The hubs will of course be my soul mate (he'd better be if I'm waiting this long).  Ideally, I'll be fortunate enough to be able to stay home with the tots....if'n we don't have tots, then I could just sew and craft all day.  He'll be cool with that I think...

2.  I'll have a business at that point, beyond my dinky little online shop.  Something real, like with jangly bells and a "Yes, we're open!" sign.  I don't know what I'd sell yet.  Either funky gifty stuff, sewing goods, or books.  Or all 3.  Yes, it will be 3 storefronts next to each other with different wares in each, and a secret passage system so I can work all 3 at once.

3.  I'll be twenty pounds lighter (I've been working on that for a few years and think I'm heavier than when I started).

4. I'll have a hundred blog followers.  At the rate I gain followers this seems like an adequate goal, bwahahaha.

5. I'll still have my sense of humor.

6. I'll have more inky scars.  Probably no more than 3 ever, but definitely 2.

And who do I think?

Lisa at u-handbag--who is already so well on her way she's out of sight.  Her site gets millions of visitors yearly, she has a book coming out soon, and she may be one of the sweetest people ever.  I want to follow her around in a  non-stalkerish way and absorb some of her awesome.

Adrianna and Susan at Crafterhours--they started blogging when I did but check out their blog, which has grown exponentially compared to mine, with tutorials and nifty ideas galore.

 Kandi from Kandipandi's Pad --she's a fairly new blogger who is always putting together the cutest fabric combinations, and makes some pretty nifty beaded items too.  I want to raid her Cath Kidston stash.

That's all I've got for now.  I know these things are kind of goofy, but they're fun.  They force us to reveal a bit about ourselves that we otherwise might keep hidden, and connect us to others.  That might be my favorite thing about blogging.


  1. Bethany -- thanks for the award, I will get my thinking cap on and blog about it soon. Its great to hear more about each other in blogland. Hope your shop transpires I would love that too!
    Kandi x

  2. Hey Bethany,

    Thank you so much for my lovely award and your sweet words. I'm with Kandi, I'd love to see that shop (the tunnel is a ace idea!) Well if you want something enough, you gotta roll up your sleeves and go get it!




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