Sunday, August 29, 2010

Let there be light!

Big smile on my face right now!  My weekend of sewing has ended triumphantly.  I devoured my new book and have everything checked off that I want to make (which is almost everything).  I finished the last item on my sales list (which is ok because I've been so busy for a while that I need a break to do some different things).  And I redeemed myself from this disaster

The lampshade in my bedroom needed replacing big time--it was faded, some of the thin metal rod bits were bent because there's a slight chance it's been knocked over a few too many times so it didn't sit straight anymore, and it didn't really match anything anymore.  But I love the lamp itself so I didn't want to replace it with something I wasn't crazy about.  So what's a crafty girl with too much time on her hands to do?  Make a lampshade cover.  And not just any lampshade cover--a removable, shirred lampshade cover.

I bought a new generic lampshade at Target:

Snooze....a little too bland for the base is more cream colored so something obviously needed to be done to this glaring white shade.

And now THIS is what it looks like:
I made it just a bit longer to it would have a cutesy ruffle without being too cute.

Once my sister told me what my math malfunction was last time I tried this it was easy.  It's essentially a shirred circle skirt for a lampshade.  I'll be back soon with a tutorial on how to do this should you fancy making one yourself.  In the meantime, you might want to take a read-through of Flossie Teacakes' shirring tutorial to get an idea of the basics, as I am just going to cover the construction of this without getting into the details of shirring.

I'm off to reward myself with vanilla meringue cookies.  Hope you have a Monday that doesn't make you say "Ugh! Mondays!"


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  2. Aww pink always makes me smile. :)

    My Monday was great. But this Tuesday...*sigh*

  3. My other choice was a bright cheery yellow, but I just loved this pink fabric.
    My Monday was kind of blah...I've got a lot of nerve, don't I?



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