Monday, May 2, 2011

Happy Monday - An Award!

I've said it before, but I love blogging. I never thought I would like it so much or would stick to it, but I'm so glad I did. My head is constantly swimming with ideas for projects and things to share with you that I find myself thinking that there is just never enough time (but blogging has also taught me that I am not alone in that sentiment and we all must just do what we can when we can). I also love it because it has connected me with people half a world away with similar interests and personalities. I never would have thought that a cheery little comment in my inbox or a little peek at the lives of others could be so uplifting. Y'know what else is fun? Blog awards :)

The absolutely darling Eleni from Sew Happiness awarded me with the Stylish Blogger award. I've received this one before but I always feel so honored when someone picks ME out of the millions of blogs out there to say "Hey--I like you!" So thank you, Eleni--it put a smile on my face this morning! And her blog is seriously adorable--a look-see is needed.

Now, the rules--

1. Thank and link back to the person who awarded you.

2. Share 7 things about yourself.

3. Award 6 or 7 other blogs that you feel deserve it, and notify them.

OK - 7 things...

1. The "ring" toe on my left foot is oddly crooked. It's never been broken and none of my other toes are so afflicted, and I don't wear foot-morphing shoes, but it's still crooked. The nephew loves this and used to come up to me at random odd moments and say "Can I see your crooked toe?"

2. When I was younger one of my supreme joys in life was scaring my younger sisters. Not with stories, but by lying in wait outside the bathroom and waiting for them to emerge so I could jump out and scream at them. I believe my brother was the one who taught me first-hand about this.

3. I get wicked migraines sometimes. They're not debilitating but they're enough to make me want to say to anyone speaking to me "If you don't just shut it I will punch you in the face right now." Sweet, huh?

4. I've been trying to use my stash for months now but I believe it's grown. I haven't bought much, but people keep giving me fabric. Sometimes I envy people who don't have fabric stashes and just buy what they need. How DO they do it?

5. I've got a sew-along idea in my brain and I just learned how to share pattern files. This is motivating me to finish my next custom order this week so I can get started. Also? I'm geeky excited that I now know how to share files.

6. I used to be a teacher for a very brief period of time. When I was doing the final work for my degree there was an annoying little poke in my brain that had me thinking "I don't know about this..." I only taught for two months (in a very bad school in a very bad neighborhood that reduced me to tears each and every day) when I thought "I just can't do this anymore or I'll have ulcers and angina before I'm 25." I have been infinitely happier ever since.

7. I've been obsessing over diet and exercise lately (not that I've actually been doing much towards either end). I do this even though I know that if I manage to lose some weight I'm still not putting on a bathing suit this summer. So if you see a fair-skinned gal down the shore in shorts and a tank top with a big fat book under a beach umbrella--say hi because it's probably going to be me.

I have too difficult of a time picking blogs for these things. There are seriously so many I could award it to. So I award it to all the blogs out there who want to pick this up and call it their own. I know it's cheating a bit but I don't think I've ever seen a bad blog. Sure there are some that interest me more than others, but there is effort put into all of them (and it's not always a quick sort of effort).

I've got a giveaway event announcement coming soon, and I also want to show you some of my birthday presents. They are each so very perfect and I grin when I think about them. See you soon!


  1. Fab answers, love your crooked toe! My hubbie has a crooked finger he scared small kids with :)
    kandi x

  2. Fun learning new things about you. I like what you did with your awards, letting others decide whether to participate. I wish I had done that.

  3. Happy Birthday!! When was your special day? I am all for handling the award this way. It it just too hard to keep up with passing those along.
    I have no business strutting around in a swimsuit either, but I am a water bug! I love to swim, and all that involves water. So, I will be in a suit. And my motto is: If you can't tone it...TAN it!!!

  4. Happy Belated BIRTHDAY!!! from the other part of the world:) ooohhh I'm such a fool I forgot it!!! So sorry Beth!!! I've never been good with dates, to think that after almost 6 years I've been with Mr. H, I still I'm not completely sure about the exact birthday date:) I think sometimes that I'm like Dorry in Finding Nemo!!!
    Anyway, did I tell you I love your nephew??? He's a darling joker!!!hehehe, As for the part of the shore, I would so love to be there to join you with my big fat book!!! And last, CAN'T WAIT for the sew along you are planning!! I want in!!!
    It's so great that I learned something new for you!!! Thank you so much for your kind words about me:) Happy Birthday again!!! May you have your health, happiness, love in your life!!!
    ps so sorry for this awfully long comment:)



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