Tuesday, May 10, 2011

Quacking myself up

Sooooo I'm just walking into work this morning, minding my own business, when I hear this yammering and chattering in a vocal tone that could get quite annoying after a while, especially when one hasn't had one's coffee yet. So I pulled out my cell phone and took this picture to share with you the "conversation" that was taking place in one of the parking spaces in our lot:

See those? Mallard ducks, with pefectly teal-feathered heads (at least I think they're mallards). I immediately concocted their conversation:
Hal: You couldn't hold it?

Erma: No. You couldn't ask for directions?

Hal: Don't make this my fault. You're the one who needed to stop.

Erma: Well, I'm sorry I'm not as young as I once was. You try having ducklings and see how long you can hold it, Mr. Perfect.

Hal: There are plenty of bushes. Can't you just.....?

Erma: Oh, so now I'm just expected to go anywhere because you couldn't follow the signs for the rest stop?

Hal: If you don't just go I'm leaving without you.

Erma: So typical. You don't want to do something so you mess it up on purpose, and then leave it to me to solve the problem. I'm not going in the bushes like some uncivilized barbarian, Hal!

Hal: Every time we take a trip, Erma. Every time!

Erma: I guess you're just a slow learner, aren't you, dear?
This interlude has been brought to you by Bethany, who will always find a way to amuse herself :)


  1. So cute Bethany!! I love how you found the conversation going on between this lovely couple!

  2. Thanks for a great laugh !!!

  3. Thanks for the smile this morning. That "quacked me up". Sorry, that was dumb.

  4. That cheered me up! So funny and I'm glad you were able to explain just what those ducks were doing there... ;-) xo



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