Wednesday, May 18, 2011

To buy or not to buy....

I think I really want this. It's calling to me. I've got several books I love and haven't touched yet, but I feel I need this in my life. The cover alone makes me happy. Any of you lovelies have this one? What do you think of it? Should I let it be or should I give it a loving home? It's not expensive, but I'm trying to be more mindful of what I buy. But it looks adorable. But I don't need it. But I need it. Aaaarrrgghhhhh. Decisions.


  1. You NEED it! I'm not someone who is ever called upon when someone needs to be talked out of buying something ;)
    (it looks super adorable)

  2. As an obsessed Scandinavian Stitcher, merely objectively speaking (hehehe) I say go for it!!! You will not regret it!!!

  3. Just think of all the people you will be helping by buying this book, the author, publisher, printer, store clerk and many more! That doesn't even include all your family and friends who be so happy to receive something wonderful you made from this book!

    Actually, it would be a little mean on all these people if you don't buy it!

  4. Buy it really fast before you have any more time to think about it. It's like pulling off a bandaid. If you get it and you're not thrilled, you can always do a giveaway or sell it.

  5. I looked at this book today at Malvern Quilt show (UK) - it's gorgeous, I'm going to get it!!

  6. I've read this book twice which I borrowed from the library. When I first looked thru' the book, I thought the technique for applique was new and exciting. But the second time I went thru' it, I realised it's just fantastic packaging of an old technique. Would be great for someone who doesn't like to do applique with nicely turned in edges. But honestly, you don't need this book. You know how to do it already.



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