Friday, May 20, 2011

Why yes. That IS an aquarium around my neck.

When I find something on Etsy or Artfire or any other small shop I like to mention it here on my blog--especially if I adore the product and the service/communication/seller is really good/helpful/nice. I have been having my own personal spending spree the entire month of May--books, fabric, little doo-dads. And last Monday during Hawaii Five-O (I have a big time crush on Danno even though he's several inches shorter than me in real life and I usually have a height thing with guys, but since it's TV I'll make an exception) I was blog-hopping, then Etsy shopping, and now I have a few new adorable treasures to sport.

Obviously I had to get this pretty little bee :)

And I've been wearing this one since it arrived. I love quirky.

Put these together with the most adorable hand-made note ever and I crossed the line from gleeful to elated. I bought these from the Etsy shop The Humble Bumble, run by Zoe Quinn, a beelance artist (how awesome is that? wish I had thought of it). So if you need a different sort of gift for a different sort of person (or even yourself) you might fall in love with her shop :)


  1. Oh wow, I love them both! I have a thing for Bees and the golsfish is just fab! Ill bookmark that shop for when I'm less poor :)
    Kandi x

  2. Both of them are so cute:) Especially that little "aquarium" is just adorable:) I'm going now to check her shop!!!



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