Sunday, May 22, 2011

I 100 Percent Stole This Idea

Because it was too awesome not to.

I honestly don't know how I happened upon this blog to find this idea but I bookmarked it because I knew I was going to copy it. I went to Joann's last week just for thread (whaaat? no really! just for thread!) and felt tremendously empty-basketed. And then I remembered this, and ran around looking for supplies. And today I made my own marble solitaire board:

(UPDATE: How to play: (the large red corner squares are for decoration--the play area is the cross-shaped grid made of the white paper). Lay out your pieces like above - one on each square, leaving the center one open. I made my center square red for contrast, but it doesn't matter as long as you leave it open at the beginning. Then, you simply "jump" the adjacent marbles like you do in checkers, removing each piece as you jump it. You can move in any direction, but not diagonally. The point of the game is to keep jumping the marbles until you only have one left. And if you're some sort of crazy-genius, you might be able to make that last one land in the center spot. I am not such a genius. The best I could do was five marbles left. I'm not going to tell you how many tries it took to get it down to even that). I hope that made sense, but if it didn't ask away!)

When I originally saw this idea I had futuristic visions of all sorts of vintagey-looking game boards and tins of little playing pieces on some small wooden book shelves in my future children's playroom. My kids (two boys) were spending a quiet afternoon happily playing while I sewed away in my craft room next door, because it was snowing outside and we were all cozy indoors. It was a very delightful day. Ahem. Back to the present. And reality.

I could have asked my dad to saw me some plywood, but have I mentioned my impatience before? So I bought my wood at Joann's--I'm not sure what it's for, but it looks like a canvas except it's entirely of wood (the back is open and everything, like a reverse frame). I painted it yellow, used some bright papers, and bought a bag of those glass gems that they sell in the floral section.

I love how it turned out. I am not, however, wonderful at marble solitaire.

Wouldn't a handmade game like this make the most unique gift ever? There HAVE to be kids left in the world who aren't addicted to video games and computers and whatnot, and would enjoy playing an old-fashioned game that exists outside of a virtual world (says the girl who spent a large part of the weekend playing Angry Birds on her new phone).

I'm linking here, even though it's not my idea--because maybe she doesn't link up, and I feel the world needs to know :)

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  1. I love this. do you have the game rules? I would love to make one but don't know how to play. I love your site and follow all your crafting adventures. With love from the Victorian Rabbit.

  2. What an amazing idea:)I've never seen a handmade game board before!!!I just love the colors you chose:) You did an awesome job Beth, as usual!! Now go ahead and enjoy a game with your nephew:)
    Have a great day!!
    p.s. I can understand the part about the angry birds----it's addictive:)

  3. Wow... this is fabulous!! I want one!! Well done to you...and I hope those boys of yours do enjoy playing it...well they just might!! After made it!

  4. Wow! Stinking brilliant!!
    I would love if you would share the board and link at our Monday Playdate at Beneath the Rowan Tree :)

    Come & Play :: Monday Playdate

  5. I want to drop everything and make one of those boards now. I used to play that as a kid and it kept me entertained for hours. My game board never looked so sweet though!!

  6. Very awesome, totally steal-worthy. :) Thanks for sharing at the Weekend Warrior link party!


  7. This is awesome! My son (three) is totally into playing games like this. (No, really. My husband managed an indie toy store until recently, so he's always had awesome, well-made, non-flashy-plastic toys in his life.) I might just have to steal this idea and make one for him!

  8. I used to love this game! I played this all the time as a kid, but mine was just a small plastic board with little plastic pegs that fit in it... yours is so much nicer! I'm so going to make this, for myself, and hopefully when my kids are a bit bigger they will catch the bug too :) Thanks for sharing!

  9. Bethany thank you so much for updating the post with the rules I love this board and want to make one for every household of my family for christmas. Thank you very much again. With love from The Victorian Rabbit

  10. That would make a great gift! Now, who to make it for......

  11. So cute! Thanks for sharing at Make Something Mondays!

    ~ Sarah

  12. I used to love making and playing games with my grandpa- I book marked your page, I hope my son likes games as much as I do! I would love it if you shared this with Workshop Wednesday!

  13. what a clever idea, Bethany! we are featuring this today! Have a nice weekend!

  14. This is great! My kids would go crazy for this! thanks for sharing at Fantastic Friday.

  15. Is there some kind of scoring list somewhere that I could include with the game?

    1. I honestly don't know! It's one of those games that my uncle taught me to play during visits to Grandma's. I don't recall there being any scoring guidelines on the instruction pages--I think you either win or don't.



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