Sunday, May 29, 2011

Pretty Purpley Frame Purse

Hey there lovelies! Just wanted to show a little frame purse I whipped up last night. I haven't made one of these in a long time, so I was surprised it went together so well. I ordered several of these frame at once months ago, and only realized last night that they're a bit smaller than those my pattern calls for. So I had to measure and trim and cross my fingers that I wasn't going to muck it up. I wanted it to turn out perfectly because it's for my mumsy to take to a wedding next week.

I felt quite rude making this purse--we have some family staying with us this weekend as today is our annual Memorial Day picnic. Normally I would have let this sit instead of sewing while we had company, but I really needed to see if I altered my pattern correctly because I wouldn't be able to get it out of my head otherwise. I laid my things out on the dining room (aka my sewing room) table, and started snipping. When I looked up I had an audience: an aunt, an uncle, and three cousins. They watched me construct it every step of the way - fusing the interfacings, stitching,  boxing the corners, and coaxing it into the frame (while we all got high on glue fumes :)  My sister thought it was hysterical that I had a spur-of-the-moment bag making demonstration going on (she's seen enough sewing that she's over it). My viewers enjoy watching the show "How Things Are Made" so this was a live version of that for them, lol. I'm super glad I didn't make one mistake where I had to unpick things or suffer a major purse fail. If we cut out the time spent waiting for the glue to set up, it took about an hour to make.

So anyway - here are a few quick pics of the newest little lovely:

Please try to ignore my pink shirt reflected in the frame :)
This was one of the pieces of fabric my sister gave me for my birthday. It's perfect for this little bag.

The inside is a grape shade of purple - I don't have much in the soft pinky-lilac that's on the outside. Most of my purples in my stash (and there's not much) are either very purple or more lavender-toned. But this was for the inside so a perfect match wasn't critical.

 The fabric has some soft silver detail in the print, so it really blends nicely with the silver hardware.

 I love how it looks! Nice and delicate and just fancy enough.

So that's that. I have a good amount of frames in my stash, and since I know how quickly I can now whip them up I am thinking of adding a few to my shop. And since I can only hide away from helping for just so long (marvelous daughter that I am) I must scoot and help finalize picnic details. Have a fabulous Sunday!

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  1. I would love to see you do a tutorial on that! It's adorable!

  2. Ohh Beth it is so absolutely darling!! I'm sure your mom was all ooohh and ahhh and thank you:) The fabric you chose is gorgeous!! I just love it, and you should definitely make some and add them to your shop!!! A great big applause from your audience here:)
    Have a great time on your annual Memorial Day picnic

  3. Very cute! I'd love to see a tutorial too! Beautiful fabric!

  4. Looks wonderful, great fabric! I brought some frames but so far have yet to be brave enough to do anything with them, thanks for sharing some inspiration!

  5. Oh this is lovely. I have a few of these frames and once I stop being lazy I'll get started. My frames did not come with any pattern but it doesn't look difficult.

  6. Oh I am totally in love with that bag its beautiful!

  7. Oohh how was the picnic? Lots of drool-worthy food? I demand photos! :)

    The purse is gorgeous! I envy you; we don't have a lot of choices here when it comes to bag hardware.

  8. I agree with the others, a tutorial would be amazing! So gorgeous, love the colours and fabric choices.

  9. I hadn't noticed your pink shirt until you mentioned it - thanks ;-) That little purse is great and I do like that the fabric is quite large scale for it, it works well. I hope you've had a lovely picnic after your live show. xo

  10. Super cute! I bet if you sold them in your shop they'd be a big hit!

    Thanks for sharing over at Weekend Warrior. :)


  11. I love your fabric - really cute. I've never made a purse with hardware, a tutorial would be great!!!

  12. Wow! this is LOVELY! i love the fabric you used. we will be featuring you this saturday and votations starts on the same day. thanks for linking up. xoxo

  13. congratulations, Bethany! you made it to TSWL's finest June 2011 final round!

  14. Muito obrigada por seus maravilhosos trabalhos amo seus trabalhos são muito bem feitos (beijos )



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