Friday, May 27, 2011

Sew-Along News (and a question)

I have to apologize that I am taking soooo long to get this sew-along moving - I just have a good bit of stuff going on that will be all done with soon. I've created a button for it and it's up in the right sidebar. If you want to sew along you can grab it and stick it on your blog, but it's not a must - it just helps spread the word. I'm going to kick it off June 13th. I'll give you the materials list before then, and I'll let you know what's optional (I know in some places certain little bits can be hard to come by). I'll have that posted by next week so that you'll have time to get your things together.

Sweet Bee Buzzings

I'm going to show you how to make the version on the left with the center outside pocket but in the dimensions of the bag on the right. I've road-tested both versions and the multi-pocket version is a little bit of a nuisance to use--it won't fit certain phones, the pockets are a tight squeeze for some hands, and that, combined with the depth of the pockets, makes it annoying to dig for stuff. The pockets can't be made wider because then the straps are way off. Plus it adds bulk in the side seams so it doesn't lay as nicely as as it should. Hope that's ok! I just figure if we're doing this we should come out of it with the better version that's fun to use and doesn't irk you. BUT I will be giving you the pattern pieces to make either size bag.

I do have a question for you, though, as I've never done one of these before: what's your preferred frequency on posts? Should I do a section a day? Every few days? Once a week? I'm thinking every other day or two might be a good pace. It doesn't take terribly long to put the bag together once it's all cut out, so I don't want to leave people waiting for a week for the next part, but I don't want it to seem terribly fast-paced and overwhelming. If you could leave me a comment I'd appreciate it.

That's all for now! Have a marvelous holiday weekend!


  1. I won't sew along but I'll be following along anyway. As for the frequency of posts, I've followed other sew alongs and my opinion is the whole thing should be done within a week or it's too long. So the posts could be spread out in the space of a week. Or at most, stretch it over 2 weekends.

  2. I'm so looking forward to this!
    I'd prefer a fairly smart pace - say every other day???

  3. If I do it, I would want a post every day. Just sayin'!!!

  4. I'll do it!!! And I already have your button on my blog:) I'm so excited I can't wait!!! Ohh I was thinking yesterday where will I get all the fabric I'll need for your sew along and the quilt along??? Anyway!!! I've never participated in a sew along so I think that a post every other day would be great!!!
    Have a fab weekend:)!!!

  5. I want to do it...So I am thinking every other day, in case I mess up the day before :)

  6. I just found you through the whatever goes Wednesday link party. I love your blog and would like to sew along with you!

  7. What are the final dimensions of the bag?? I love the design, thanks for making it free!! :D

  8. And could you also post measurements for the pockets on the version you won't be doing? Directions won't be necessary, I'll play around with it, but I was interested in attempting that version and just want to be sure to get it right!! Thanks again :D

  9. I would love the dimensions for the side pockets as well. Love the shape of the bag and can't wait to start it. I have just the fabric in mind!

  10. Did get to know your site in time for this sew along, but I had
    to make this wonderful purse! I followed your pattern and made a
    most fabulous purse! Thank you!!

  11. Should have said "didn't" in the last post.

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  15. Hi Do you line the slanted pockets and also use the interfacing as I cannot find the instructions and it dose not mention you do on the slanted pocket pattern piece.

  16. Thank you for sharing your tutorial. I have a question about why you put interfacing on the exterior of the bag and then you add fleece.
    I gave up on trying to sew the wavy top to the the exterior body. I just couldn't get all the puckers out. I turned under the edges and sewed it on like applique. New to sewing here so not sure what the sewing term is. I cant wait to see the finished bag.
    But wondering if I still need to put on the interfacing before putting on the fleece. Thanks

    1. Hi Fay--the interfacing that I use is like adding an extra layer of protection to your fabric. It strengthens it and makes it able to bear the weight better. You could substitute things for the fleece (like light-weight cotton batting, or even that flexi-foam stuff), but unless it's going to be a small or light-use bag I'd still interface it.

      As for the puckers--I used LOTS of pins, and it might help to clip your curves when you've finished to help things lie smoother.

  17. I just wanted to tell you how much I love this bag. I use the pattern all the time. I have changed it a bit by using foam instead of fleece and I sometimes use rivets for the straps but it is a great bag. Thank you for doing the sew along and giving us permission to use it to make them to sell.



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