Saturday, May 21, 2011

We Can Do It!!

I'm hoping I can, anyway. I've dabbled in quilting and forced you to look at most of it (that Bliss sandwich is still waiting to be quilted, by the way--life got in the way recently). But I still feel veeerrry uncertain and tend to stick with the simplest of designs. Hopefully the sew-along happening over at Sewn will give me new skills and build my quilt confidence. Plus I'm hoping to use some of my stash. Stash-busting is always fun. If you'd like a yearish-long challenge that begins in mid-June, head on over. She's also got some fabric up for grabs. Yum!!

For other goings-on: the Sew, Mama Sew giveaway day is this Monday! Pop on back to see what I made, and visit SMS for a ton of other free goodies.

I'm getting started on the bag for my sew-along. I'm going to do this as a mega-tutorial that spans several posts, but I'm also going to have a full, printable tutorial available if that's how you prefer to roll or can't play along. I'm hoping to have this going by mid-June, but technology has been kicking my butt lately so we'll see how that goes. I'm going to make a button so you can post it on your blog if you want.

I'm hoping that radio preacher is wrong (rolls eyes) because it would really be inconvenient for me for the world to end today...I clearly have too much to do :)


  1. I agree, the world can't end today--way too busy!!! I LOVE all of your bags! I especially LOVE the adorable bag I won on your giveaway!
    My daughters want to use it all the time.

    I'm excited to see your tutorial!
    You are very talented!

    Love, Brenda

  2. I wish I had your talent for sewing and quilting. You are still there aren't you? You didn't go and get all raptured without me did you?

  3. News flash: the world has ended yesterday and we're the sole survivors...lets get sewing - what else is there left to do ;-D Hope you've had a great weekend - er, despite the end of the world, obviously :-) xo



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