Tuesday, October 2, 2012

My Very First Bag

Wanna see the very first bag I sewed? I had been sewing for a few months and really wanted to make something out of this adorable cowboy fabric I had seen at my local craft store. It took what felt like forever to put together, and I had to sew the lining to the bag three times (because I didn't know where the handles were supposed to go so I kept sewing them in-between the lining and the exterior), but I got it. I've used this bag for over four years now--I lug my lunch, water, current read, etc. to work in it.  It's finally starting to look a little worse for wear...

I used a bandana for the red bits and felt like a genius for doing so. The little cowboys and girls have that wonderful vintage look that I love. I'm keeping this forever and am going to use it to hold my other firsts that are beyond practical usage but very nice for purposes of nostalgia.

It's still completely usable but it is looking a little bit grungy...especially since the red bandana got wet at some point or another and bled everywhere.

This weekend I made myself a new one, and I'm starting the tutorial for it as soon as I publish this post. It's the tutorial I mentioned in this post on how to do an inset bottom (it gives your bag a flat bottom but not by doing it this way or this way). I'll have it up for you this weekend :) Here's a sneak-peek of the finished product--I used a more...mature fabric this time.

I used four fat quarters for the outside and the straps (with a bit left over) and a half yard for the inside and straps (with none left over). I also used about a half yard of fusible fleece, and a piece of plastic canvas to give the bag a rigid bottom (that part is optional). Come back Sunday for the complete how-to!


  1. Oh, good. I just bought a piece of fabric to make a tote bag for my husband's Sunday School stuff, so I will be waiting for the tutorial.

  2. I think it is so cool that you still have the first bag you made! Most of my 'firsts' were given away soon after I made them... I still have the first baby dress I made though!
    I love the look of the new bag with the variety of fabrics. =)

  3. Love your first bag. It's held up really well. I'll be back for the tutorial. Thanks.

  4. Your new bag is lovely, the fabrics is gorgeous

  5. Aww, that first bag was so cute! Love the gingham lining too

  6. I am in love with the colors! And will also watch out for the tutorial; I am much too lazy to do flat bottoms for my bags. LOLZ



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