Friday, January 25, 2013

A Few for Friday - #4

It's Friiiiiiiiii-daaaay! Here are a few snippets from my week (you know you're like "Yesssssssss. Been waiting for this ALL week!").

We babysat over the weekend. Someone is starting to crawl. That someone is also a fabulous napping buddy. And in love with the dog (you've never seen a face light up in such joy over the dog walking into the room).

 Katy had a destash sale. I volunteered to buy the roll of Sherbet Pips. She threw in a bunch of extra goodies--including a mini charm pack,  a few finished quilt blocks, and other blocks bagged and tagged for assembly. It's still my favorite fabric line so I almost backflipped out of my chair when she said she was all 'meh' over this project and wanted to find a good home for it. 

 A week and a half ago a spring-weight jacket was enough. Not this week. I think that's about ten below on the Celsius scale. It is freezing out there! It doesn't bother me so much but I could do without using my gas for warming up the car. They're calling for snow tomorrow.

I pulled over on my ride home to take this one. I think people thought I was crazy. I hastily pulled to the curb, took a picture of seemingly nothing, and then got back into traffic. I'd have been all WTF, too, if I wasn't the one doing it.

Much better than the gray gloomies of last week.


  1. Aww, damn, I should have made a photo of the chair backflip a requirement of sending it ;o)

    *they* keep telling us it'll snow here and *they* have been wrong for 2 weeks now, so maybe you'll be just as lucky! Hasn't been warm mind you...

  2. What a sweet face, I would cuddle and nap with that one too if I had a chance. Stay bundled up, too cold for me!

  3. What a sweet baby!!! Woooweeeee, that is cold!!! Stay warm!!!
    xo Kris



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