Wednesday, January 9, 2013

It's My Year!

At least I'd like to think so. I often try to find meanings and connections where they don't necessarily exist, just to convince myself of some arbitrary thing. Pantone's color for 2013 is emerald. Emerald is my birthstone. So see? Obviously fabulous things will be happening to me because my birthstone is the color of the year. Hey, you take what you can get, folks (or what you can randomly make up, whatever the case may be). I remember growing up hearing people complain about their birthstone (usually it was the girls who had peridot), but I always loved mine. Emerald. Regal (to my mind moreso than purple), lush, elegant. Not an obvious bright (like last year's tangerine) but not one to be relegated, unnoticed, to the background.

 Magical. Absolutely magical. 

   The soft colors of the furnishings keep the emerald walls from being too intrusive and too dark. Instead it gives this room a Victorian feel. On a separate note--who remembers the game 'Pretty Pretty Princess' at bottom left? My sisters used to play that all the time.

 Just a splash can be plenty, without the risk of gaudiness.

   I could live with this as my engagement ring. Just need the guy now :)

 And let us not forget craftiness. We always must have that.

Green may be the color of envy and the color of seasickness, but it's also the color of life. The color that abounds in nature and is seen by the human eye more than any other color.  It's the color of serenity, healing, creativity, and hope. I am hoping my year is full of all such things (and yours, too--it's not a selfish color, after all).

I'm struggling a bit with my photos for this Friday. We'll see how many I manage to come up with. Finding little moments in the everyday is a bit more difficult than I thought it would be...


  1. You are not the only one that does that! When I saw that this years color was emerald my first thought was, "Maybe this is a sign since I'm trying to move to the 'Emerald City' before the year is over."

    Or maybe it's just a Bethany thing... although I'm going to agree with you and say this is definitely our year!

  2. As a redhead I just love green, obviously. When I was in Brussels I was in a hotel called Pantone and every room was differently decorated in Pantone colors. I loved it.

  3. And you have a parcel of goodies coming your way too :oD Ali @ a2w is running a Pantone colour of the year quilt comp btw! I hate my birthstone though - amethyst, purple, ugh!

  4. Emerald is my birthstone too, and I have always loved it.

  5. Such a beautiful color!! I love the wreath too, from earlier post.
    Hope you are well!!
    xo Kris



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