Thursday, December 5, 2013

A Few for Friday - #49

Do you believe the big day is less than three weeks away? It may as well be tomorrow with how frenzied I feel. Usually I have everything moving along nice and smooth so I can enjoy as much of the season as possible. But this year things are a little more hectic, resulting in me feeling overwhelmed, even though my have-tos aren't many. It's just that feeling that you're being pulled in twelve different directions--it's hard to come to grips with the fact that you can only do so much.

I'm surprised I found time to take pictures this week, but here are a few for you.

Babycakes pitched in with the Christmas decorating this year....

 Two weeks ago I posted this photo. The above is a pretty stark contrast. This whole week the sky has been gray and gloomy, and all of the trees are now bare. Though it looks bleak and cold, the temps have been unseasonably warm. Not very Christmassy.

 Well, how do YOU eat your bread? In pieces proportional to the size of you mouth? Psh. What's up with that?

Now I must be off to go and press some fabrics so that I can hopefully whip out a few makeup bags this weekend. See you soon, kids!


  1. Well that's one cute kid!!! You're so lucky to have babies in your family! Christmas can be very stressful with too much to do, all at once. I guess if we had more time to do Christmas, we'd add more to it and that wouldn't help. I'm trying to simplify this year. We don't buy many gifts (call me Grinch) so I only need to get a few more. Enjoy your weekend making makeup bags. We're driving 2 hours to see a Janome in person, though the only one they have is not the 7318, which may be better for me seeing as it's simpler :) Wish me luck!

  2. Correction: the only one they HAVE is the 7318 ...

  3. Oh crap, it really is less that 3 weeks, WTH?! Ugh, best buckle down to that bag...

  4. Ha, I wish I could eat a piece of bread as big as my head and have it be that cute. =)
    Christmas time is always a bit crazy for me, but that is only because I'm a huge procrastinator and always leave too much to be done in the last minute.

  5. I was with a friend in the fabric store, yesterday, as she was buying fabric and planning out some elaborate project for it, to be completed before Dec. 25. She has two children under 5 at her house, so I suggested that it was time for a reality check, and she plan on wrapping the fabric, just as it was, promising future considerations!
    I have 5 more knitting project bags to finish, so I should talk! (knitting project bags are large makeup bags, big enough for a ball of yarn and some needles)



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