Saturday, December 28, 2013

Shop Sale

Hello, dears. I was able to sell a lot of things to the ladies in my aerobics class in the run-up to the holidays, but I still have a bunch of stuff left that I'd like to clear out so I don't feel guilty making more. If you'd like to stock up on some bits, or buy some seasonal goodies to stockpile for next year, head on over to my shop and enter the code 2013GOODBYE to save 25% off of everything! EVERYTHING! I've got some bags, some quilted table runners, some pretty trims, and other goodies over there. This sale is going on for one week, so grab it at this price while you can. Thanks, kids!

You don't even need to do your hair! Just keep on sitting on the sofa and click away!


  1. Wow, you capture my image perfectly there, how did you know? ;o)

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