Sunday, December 8, 2013

Snowy Sunday

Technically it's not winter for another two weeks. But you would not know that by today's weather. No sirree.

My mumsy and I went out to do a wee bit of shopping (and I do mean a wee bit) and it had started to flurry. By the time we started home not even an hour later it was coming down heavier and the roads were slicked up.

Even though some wintry weather today has been spoken of all week, the roads were not treated, so the wet snow didn't melt at all but compacted down to a slick sheet of snow. It didn't matter what kind of car you drove, it was slick for everyone.

Today of all days we decided to take baby nephew with us as we didn't think it would be bad. I'm a decent snow driver--I take my time and don't mess around--but I was quite nervous due to the tot in the back. Other drivers actually make me more nervous than I'd get on my own. But slow and steady got us home safe.

After we got home I helped my sister make chocolate covered pretzels. I am the designated dipper, she's the decorator. She had already started but was more than eager for me to jump in and assist.

I remember making these on my own one year. It was not pleasant. Definitely better when teamwork is involved. The ones right there in the photo are peanut-butter flavored. I'm waiting until she's not looking so I can go steal one. And one of the peppermint ones.

I'm hoping it won't be too terrible tomorrow. If I was younger I'd have everything crossed for a snow day, but you know you're old when you don't  hope for one because you have work and just don't feel like dealing with it.

PennDOT certainly dropped the ball on this one. Warnings all week and not a single road (pre)treated. Our local news has been talking about their new this and that which are supposed to make predictions easier and more accurate. I don't remember weather forecasts ever being so consistently wrong when I was younger. I suppose that was when people thought for themselves instead of looking at a computer.

No matter, I suppose. It ended up being quite a cozy day, and the Christmas lights look so pretty against the white backdrop. I finished up all the sewing projects I had planned for the weekend, plus had a family outing yesterday (more on that to come) so I feel quite accomplished and content.  

I suppose we asked for it by hanging this sign outside :)  For those folks in the areas of the country that got hit hard this week with ice and snow--yes, I know. I'm being a wuss. You'd gladly trade the ice and power outages for what is not much snow. But I'm from Philadelphia. We complain about a little bit of snow, and then say "Ah, it's not that bad" when it's a big snow. Or at least I do. Don't try and figure it out.


  1. Those pretzels look YUM! No snow to be seen here. It's 10C!! Which is warm for this time of year. We'll be spending Christmas on the German/Swiss boarder, so who knows :-) I don't like snow here at home as after a few days I can't cycle through the gunk anymore. The first few days of snow I will cycle, just to horrify my foreign friends by doing so (and yes, somethims I'm on the phone whilst cycling and I never wear a helmet)...

  2. Your pictures are awesome!!! Nothing prettier than white with pops of red! And your blog header - you go girl! Glad y'all got home safely, got the pretzels made (they look yummy), and got all the sewing done. Sounds like a very good weekend.


  3. Our temps are soaring up and down like a rollercoaster, it's insane! I'd make a run for one of each kind of pretzel if I were you ;o)

  4. Your wish- let it snow-come true!!!Amazing photos- thanks for sharing!



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